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Vida moderna

Modern life

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The Modernaires
October 32nd, 1992
Coral 60609

The Modernaires: Paula Kelly, Hal Dickenson (vcl) Alan Copeland (vcl,arr) Vernon Polk (vcl,g) Chuck Kelly (vcl). Los Angeles, between 1951 and 1959

martes, mayo 26, 2009



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George Shearing Quintet
September in the rain (1949)
MGM 10426

George Shearing Quintet: Marjorie Hyams (vib) George Shearing (p) Chuck Wayne (g) John Levy (b) Denzil Best (d). New York, February 17, 1949

lunes, mayo 25, 2009

El Pan Nuestro

Daily Bread

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Sy Oliver and his Orchestra
Bread and butter woman (1947)
MGM 10103

Sy Oliver and his Orchestra: Bill Coleman, Lammar Wright, Paul Webster, Irving Randolph (tp) Henderson hambers, Gus Chappelle, Fred Robinson (tb) Henry Wells (tb) George Dorsey (as) Dave McRae, Willard Brown (as,bar) Fred Williams, Ernie Powell (ts) Charles Bateman (p) unknown (g) George Duvivier (b) Bill Beason (d) Sy Oliver (vcl,arr). New York, August 8, 1947

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Ray Noble and his Orchestra
My hat's on the side of my head (1933)
Mon Ever MES7039

Ray Noble and his Orchestra: Max Goldberg, Nat Gonella (tp) Lew Davis (tb) Freddy Gardner (cl,as,bar) unknown (cl,as) Harry Berly (ts,vln) Harry Jacobson (p) Bert Thomas (g) Tiny Winters (b) Billy Harty (d) Ray Noble (dir). London, October 27, 1933

viernes, mayo 22, 2009


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Fats Waller and his Rhythmn
You've got me under your thumb (1937)
Victor 25672

Fats Waller and his Rhythmn: Herman Autrey (tp) Gene Sedric (cl,as) Fats Waller (p,vcl) Al Casey (g) Charles Turner (b) Slick Jones (d,vib). New York, September 7, 1937

jueves, mayo 21, 2009



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Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra:
Portrait of the Lion (1939)
Brunswick 8365

Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra: Rex Stewart (cnt) Cootie Williams, Wallace Jones (tp) Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol, Lawrence Brown (tb) Barney Bigard (cl,ts) Johnny Hodges (as,sop) Otto Hardwick (as) Harry Carney (bar,as,cl) Duke Ellington (p) Fred Guy (g) Billy Taylor (b) Sonny Greer (d) Brick Fleagle (arr). New York, March 21, 1939

miércoles, mayo 20, 2009


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Música por "The Prince of Whales" (El Principe de las Ballenas):
Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra
There ain't no sweet man that's worth the salt of my tears (1928)
Victor 25675

Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra: Bix Beiderbecke (cnt) Henry Busse, Charlie Margulis (tp) Bill Rank, Boyce Cullen, Wilbur Hall (tb) Chester Hazlett (cl,b-cl,as) Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as) Hal McLean (cl,as,fl) Rube Crozier (ts) Frankie Trumbauer (c-mel) Charles Strickfaden (as,bar) Roy Bargy (p) Kurt Dieterle, Mischa Russell, Matt Malneck, Mario Perry, Charles Gaylord (vln) Mike Pingitore (bj) Mike Trafficante (tu) Hal MacDonald (d) Charles Gaylord, Jack Fulton, Austin Young(vcl) The Rhythm Boys: Bing Crosby, Al Rinker, Harry Barris (vcl trio) Tommy Satterfield (arr) Bill Challis (dir). New York, February 8, 1928.

martes, mayo 19, 2009

Familia nuclear

Nuclear family

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Pete Johnson's All Stars
Atomic boogie (1946)
National 4003

Pete Johnson's All Stars: Hot Lips Page (tp) Clyde Bernhardt (tb) Don Stovall (as) Budd Johnson (ts) Pete Johnson (p) Jimmy Shirley (g) Abe Bolar (b) Jack Parker (d) Etta Jones (vcl). New York, January 2, 1946

lunes, mayo 18, 2009



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Big Three Trio
Signifying monkey (1947)
(Willie Dixon)
Columbia 37358

Big Three Trio: Leonard Caston (p,vcl) Bernardo Dennis (g,vcl) Willie Dixon (b,lead vcl) "Chick" Sanders (d) unknown female vcl. Chicago, March 11, 1947

domingo, mayo 17, 2009

Invierno a la orilla del mar

Winter by the sea

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Vic Berton and his Orchestra
I've been waiting all winter (1935)
Columbia 3074D

Vic Berton and his Orchestra: Vic D'Ippolito, Archie Jarry, Benny Bell (tp) Wally "Blue" Barron (tb) Sid Trucker (cl) Rube Lerner, Joe Colon, Walt Dorfus (as,ts) Marty Dale (p) Darrell Calker (g) Cal Stump (b) Vic Berton (d) Chick Bullock (vcl). New York, June 14, 1935

sábado, mayo 16, 2009



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Quiero desearles muchas felicidades a Cathy y a Adolfo

Sonny Terry
Riff and harmonica jump (1947)
Capitol 40061

Sonny Terry (hca) acc by Stick McGhee (g) Baby Dodds (d). New York, March 4, 1947

El Hombre, La Bestia y La Virtud

The Man, The Beast and The Virtue

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Bud Freeman and Ray McKinley
The atomic era (1945)
Majestic 1031

Bud Freeman (ts) Ray McKinley (d). New York, October-December 1945

Debajo del diván

Under the chair

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Mildred Bailey
Little high chairman (1940)
Columbia 35370

Mildred Bailey (vcl) acc. by Roy Eldridge (tp,vcl) Jimmy Carroll, Robert Burns (cl,as) Carl Prager (b-cl) Eddie Powell (fl) Teddy Wilson (p) prob. John Collins (g) prob. Pete Peterson (b) prob. Bill Beason (d) Eddie Sauter (arr). New York, January 15, 1940

Colisión Astral

Astral Collision

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Música: ("Me enloquecen las bocinas de los automviles"-Lo cantaba Libertad Lamarque)
Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies
I'm wild about horns and automobiles (1928)
Okeh 41152

Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies: Jack Mollick (tp) Eddie Grosso (cl,as) Philip d'Arcy (hca,vln,p) Fred Hall (p) Albert Russo (bj) A1 Morse (tu) Joseph Mayo (d) Arthur Fields (vcl) 2nd voice prob Fred Hall (scat vcl). New York, November 12, 1928

viernes, mayo 15, 2009

Ia Orana María

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Fats Waller and his Rhythm
Black Maria (1940)
Bluebird B10624

Fats Waller and his Rhythm: John Hamilton (tp) Gene Sedric (cl,ts) Fats Waller (vcl,p) John Smith (g) Cedric Wallace (b) Slick Jones (d). Chicago, IL., January 12, 1940


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Joe Candullo and his Orchestra
S-L-U-E Foot (1928)
(Joe Candullo-J.Sanders-N.Moret-Lewis)
Banner 7169

Joe Candullo and his Orchestra: Jimmy McPartland (tp) Glenn Miller (tb) Fud Livingston (cl) Sam Wilson (p) Ray Bauduc (dr) Joe Candullo (vcl) unknown bnj, saxes, bass. July 16, 1928 (Gracias Luis!)

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Según pasan los días

As days go by

A pesar de los envíos diarios de Oscar y debido a una especie de vacaciones, este blog permanecerá sin movimiento por tres o cuatro días, quizás menos Luego de algunos ajustes en la residencia temporal, actualizaremos y seguiremos publicando desde allí durante un mes, seguramente con algunas interrupciones por diversos motivos relativos a esas vacaciones.
Recuerden especialmente visitar los blogs personales de Oscar: Grillomation, Boludalia, Oscartoons, Klactomation y como así también su divertida colaboración con Chips Hardy.
Además, en la sección archivos de la columna de la izquierda pueden ver mes por mes, todos los dibujos de este blog desde su creación: cuatro años y medio ¡con más de 1.800 publicaciones! Mientras tanto y a modo de divertimento vaya esta muestra retrospectiva y animada. Saludos.
El editor

Even if Oscar will continue his mailing of drawings on a daily basis, because I am taking a vacation this blog will remain without postings for three or four days, hopefully less. After some adjustments in my new temporary residence, I will update the blog and I'll be publishing more or less regularly for a month. It all will depend on my travelling arrangements.
Meantime I recommend you visit Oscar's other blogs: Grillomation, Boludalia, Oscartoons, Klactomation and his entertaining collaboration with Chips Hardy, The Full Story. In addition, in the archives on the left you can see month by month all the previous drawings of this blog: already four and a half years old and with more than 1800 postings!
As a bonus, here is an animated retrospective sample. Greetings.
El editor

A fuego lento


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Annette Hanshaw
Cooking breakfast for the one I love (1930)
Okeh 41370

Annette Hanshaw (vcl) acc by Muggsy Spanier (cnt) unknown cl/ts, vln, p, prob Tony Colucci (g) unknown (b) prob Justin Ring (d). New York, January 27, 1930

viernes, mayo 08, 2009

Organito de la tarde

Organ grinding in the afternoon

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Ethel Waters
Organ grinder blues (1928)
Columbia 14365-D

Ethel Waters (vcl) acc by Clarence Williams (p). New York, August 23, 1928

jueves, mayo 07, 2009



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Billy Murray
Sister Susie's sewing shirts for soldiers (1914)
Victor 17659

Billy Murray (vcl) acc. by undisclosed personnel. New York, October 16, 1914

miércoles, mayo 06, 2009



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Ben Selvin and his Orchestra
My sweet tooth says "I wanna" (1931)
Columbia 2501-D

Ben Selvin and his Orchestra: Mannie Klein + other (tp) Tommy Dorsey (tb) Benny Goodman (cl,as) unknown as, Hymie Wolfson (ts) Joe Venuti + other (vln) Jack Miller (p) unknown g, tu, d, Danford Sisters (vcl) Ben Selvin (ldr). New York, July 14, 1931

martes, mayo 05, 2009



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Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra
Breakfast dance (1929)
Victor V38115

Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra: Arthur Whetsol, Freddy Jenkins, Cootie Williams (tp) Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol (tb) Barney Bigard (cl,ts) Johnny Hodges (as,sop) Harry Carney (bar,cl,as) Duke Ellington (p) Fred Guy (bj) Wellman Braud (b) Sonny Greer (d). New York, November 14, 1929

lunes, mayo 04, 2009



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Lawrence (Piano Roll) Cook with "The Jim Dandies"
The Old Piano Roll Blues (1950)
(Cy Cobin)
Abbey 15003

Lawrence Cook (p). No recording information. But lot of information here and here on Mr. Jean Lawrence Cook (July 14, 1899 - April 2, 1976) "the most prolific piano roll artist in history. His output has been estimated at between 10,000 and 20,000 different roll recordings".

domingo, mayo 03, 2009



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La velocidad del sonido

Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra
How you sound (1950)
Decca 24911

Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra: Walter Williams, Benny Bailey, Ed Mullens, Duke Garrette, Leo Shepherd (tp) A1 Grey, Benny Powell, Paul Lee (rn. Paul Higaki), Jimmy Wormick (tb) Bobby Plater, Jerome Richardson (as) Curtis Lowe, Johnny Board, Billy "Smallwood" Williams (ts) Lonnie Shaw (bar) Lionel Hampton (vib) Doug Duke (p,org) Wes Montgomery (g) Roy Johnson (b) Ellis Bartee (d) Sonny Parker (vcl). New York, January 5, 1950

sábado, mayo 02, 2009

Espacio oscuro

Dark space

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Count Basie and his Orchestra ([casi un]Almost an Ellington!)
Blues in the dark (1938l)
Decca 1682

Count Basie and his Orchestra: Ed Lewis, Karl George, Buck Clayton (tp) Eddie Durham (tb,g,arr) George Hunt, Dan Minor (tb) Earl Warren (as) Herschel Evans, Lester Young (ts,cl) Jack Washington (bar) Count Basie (p) Freddy Green (g) Walter Page (b) Jo Jones (d) Jimmy Rushing (vcl) Jimmy Mundy, Harry "Buster" Smith (arr). New York, January 3, 1938

viernes, mayo 01, 2009



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I've got a feeling I'm falling. (Siento que estoy cayendo)

Ella Fitzgerald
I've got a feeling I'm falling (1947)
Decca 24232

Ella Fitzgerald (vcl) acc by Illinois Jacquet (ts) Sir Charles Thompson (org) Hank Jones (p) Hy White (g) John Simmons (b) J.C. Heard (d). New York, December 23, 1947