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Old people

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Don Byas Quartet
Old folks (1946)
Savoy 628

Don Byas Quartet: Don Byas (ts) Teddy Brannon (p,celeste) Frank Skeete (b) Fred Radcliffe (d). New York, May 17, 1946

Manolo (que laburaba en Papini)

Manolo (who used to work at Papini's)

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

King Oliver's Jazz Band
Working man blues (1923)
Okeh 40034

King Oliver's Jazz Band: King Oliver (cnt) Louis Armstrong (cnt) Honore Dutrey (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Charlie Jackson (bassax) Lil Hardin (p) Johnny St. Cyr (bj) Baby Dodds (d). Chicago, c. October 26, 1923

domingo, noviembre 29, 2009

Lito (que se las sabe todas)

Lito (who's been around)

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra
I know that you know (1928)
(Vincent Youmans-Anne Caldwell)
Vocalion 1184

Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra: Jimmie Noone (cl,vcl) Joe Poston (cl,as,vcl) Earl Hines (p) Bud Scott (bj,g) Johnny Wells (d). Chicago, May 16, 1928

sábado, noviembre 28, 2009

Angel estúpido

Stupid angel

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Jabbo Smith and his Orchestra
How can cupid be so stupid ? (1938)
Decca 1712

Jabbo Smith and his Orchestra: Jabbo Smith (tp,vcl) Leslie Johnakins, Ben Smith (as) Sam Simmons (ts) James Reynolds (p) Connie Wainwright (g) Elmer James (b) Alfred Taylor (d). New York, February 1, 1938

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© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra
The stampede (1926)
Columbia 654-D

Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra: Rex Stewart (cnt) Russell Smith, Joe Smith (tp) prob Luke Smith (tp) Benny Morton (tb) Buster Bailey (cl,as) Don Redman (cl,as,goofus,arr) Coleman Hawkins (cl,ts,bassax) Fletcher Henderson (p) Charlie Dixon (bj) Ralph Escudero (tu) Kaiser Marshall (d) Don Redman (arr). New York, May 14, 1926

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© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Bill Hays and his Orchestra
I'm wild about horns on automobiles (1929)
Victor 40055

Bill Hays and his Orchestra: 2 cnt, tb, 3 reeds, p, bj, d, Carson Robinson (g) Sam Fried (vln) Pete Moore (vcl). Camden, N.J., August 3, 1929

miércoles, noviembre 25, 2009

La serpiente

The snake

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

The Georgians
Snakes hips (1923)
Columbia A3864

The Georgians: Frank Guarente (tp,ldr) Ray Stilwell (tb) Johnny O'Donnell (cl,b-cl,as) Harold "Red" Saliers (cl,as,ts) Frank Smith (cl,sop)Arthur Schutt (p) Russell Deppe (bj) Joe Tarto (tu) Chauncey Morehouse (d). New York, March 15, 1923

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© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Teddy Wilson
Alice blue gown (1938)
Mosaic MR23-123

Teddy Wilson (p) solo. New York, August 11, 1938

lunes, noviembre 23, 2009

Hommenaje a Erik Satie

Homage a Erik Satie

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Lord Greystoke (Homage a Erik Satie)

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra
Tarzan of Harlem (1939)
Vocalion 5267

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra: Mario Bauza, Dizzy Gillespie, Lammar Wright Sr. (tp) Keg Johnson, Claude Jones, De Priest Wheeler (tb) Andrew Brown (as,bar) Jacinto "Jerry" Blake (as,bar,cl) Chauncey Haughton (as,cl) Leon "Chu" Berry, Walter "Foots" Thomas (ts) Bennie Payne (p) Danny Barker (g) Milt Hinton (b) Cozy Cole (d) Cab Calloway (vcl,ldr). New York, October 17, 1939

domingo, noviembre 22, 2009

Tecnología moderna

Modern technology

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Jimmy Johnson and his Orchestra
You've got to be modernistic (1929)
Victor V38099

Jimmy Johnson and his Orchestra: King Oliver, Dave Nelson (tp) Jimmy Archey (tb) 2 unknown cl/as, Charles Frazier (ts) James P. Johnson [Jimmy Johnson], Fats Waller (p) Teddy Bunn (bj) Bernard Addison (g) Harry Hull (b) unknown d, The Keep Shufflin' Trio (vcl). New York, November 18, 1929

sábado, noviembre 21, 2009

A cuppa

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Una taza de té (A cuppa)

The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago
Tea For Two (1924)
Victor 19438

The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago: Walter Zurawski, Herb Carlin (tp) Siegfried Berendson (tb) Dudley Doe (cl,as) Harold Sturr (as,ts,fl) Art Kassel (cl,ts) Myron Fisher (vln) Don Bestor (p,dir) Jack Lundin (bj) Pierre Olker (tu) Herb Quigley (d,xyl). Chicago, April 2, 1924

viernes, noviembre 20, 2009

La Pensée Sauvage

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra
I thought about you (1939)
Columbia 35313

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra: Ziggy Elman, Jimmy Maxwell, Johnny Martel (tp) Red Ballard, Ted Vesely, Vernon Brown (tb) Benny Goodman (cl) Toots Mondello, Buff Estes (as) Jerry Jerome, Bus Bassey (ts) Fletcher Henderson (p,arr) Lionel Hampton (vib) Arnold Covey (g) Artie Bernstein (b) Nick Fatool (d) Eddie Sauter (arr) Mildred Bailey (vcl). New York, October 20, 1939

jueves, noviembre 19, 2009


Band aid

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Valaida, The Queen of Trumpet with Swing accompaniment
Nagasaki (1937)
Parlophone (E)F-952

Valaida (Valaida Snow), The Queen of Trumpet with Swing accompaniment: Valaida Snow (tp,vcl) Johnny Claes (tp) unknown tb, Derek Neville (as) Red Dare (ts) Gunn Finley (rn. Günther Freundlich) (p) Norman Brown (g) Louis Barreiro (b) Ken Stewart (d) London, July 7, 1937

miércoles, noviembre 18, 2009

Tap dancing

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Harry Roy and his Orchestra
Eeny meeny miney mo (1936)
Parlophone (E)F409

Harry Roy and his Orchestra: Stanley Bowsher, Bert Wilton, Tom Porter (tp) Jack Collins, Dick Boothroyd (tb) Nat Temple (cl,as) Harry Roy (cl,as,vcl) Joe Arbiter, Harry Goss (bar,cl) Maurice Sterndale (vln) Stanley Black, Norman (Yarlett) White (p) Tommy Venn (g) Arthur Calkin (b) Joe Daniels (d) Harry Roy, Dinah Miller (vcl, tap dancing). London, February 20, 1936

martes, noviembre 17, 2009

El lago de los perros

Dog's lake

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Victor Dance Orchestra
Illusion Valse
Victor 35436-A

lunes, noviembre 16, 2009

Felina en un escritorio rodante

Feline on a rolling desk

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Charlie Ventura Orchestra
Sophisti-cat-ed lady (1949)
Victor 20-3669

Charlie Ventura Orchestra: Stan Fishelson, Johnny Mandel, Dale Pierce, Red Rodney (tp) Bennie Green, Mort Bullman (tb) Bart Varselona (v-tb) Bill Barber (tu) Charlie Ventura (ts,bar,sop) Ray Beckenstein, Frank Socolow (as) Al Epstein (aka Al Young)(ts) Al Cohn (ts) Manny Albam (bar) Lou Stein (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Curly Russell (b) Ed Shaughnessy (b) George Russell (arr,tamb) George Williams (arr). New York, December 28, 1949

domingo, noviembre 15, 2009

Un dibujo

A drawing

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra
A table in a corner (1939)
Columbia 35245

Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra: Lee Castle, Charlie Spivak, Carl Garvin (tp) Jack Teagarden (tb) Jose Gutierrez, Mark Bennett, Eddie Dudley (tb) Clint Garvin, Art St. John (cl,as) John Van Eps, Hub Lytle (ts,cl) Ernie Caceres (bar,ts,cl) Jack Russin (p) Allen Reuss (g) Art Miller (b) Cub Teagarden (d) Kitty Kallen (vcl) Fred Van Eps (arr). New York, September 25, 1939

sábado, noviembre 14, 2009

Fantasmas en la sala de baño

Ghosts in the bathroom

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Leonard Feather and Dan Burley
Bathroom boogie (1945)
Continental 6006

Leonard Feather and Dan Burley: Leonard Feather, Dan Burley (p) Tiny Grimes (g) Jack Lesberg (b) Morey Feld (d). New York, January 1, 1945

viernes, noviembre 13, 2009

Desconocido pero indudable


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Unknowable but certain

The Goofus Five
Ain't that a grand and glorious feeling (1927)
(Milton Ager / Jack Yellen)
Okeh 40846

The Goofus Five: [pseudonym on Okeh 40846 as "Russell Gray and his Orchestra"]: Chelsea Quealey (tp) Al Philburn (tb) Bobby Davis (cl,sop,as) Sam Ruby (ts) Adrian Rollini (bassax, goofus) Jack Russin (p) Tommy Felline (bj) Herb Weil (d) Ted Wallace [rn. Ed Kirkeby] (vcl) some of the following musicians may also be present: Roy Johnston (tp) Johnny Rude (cl,as,ts) and/or Max Farley (cl,as,ts). New York, June 15, 1927

jueves, noviembre 12, 2009



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Hueso (a otro perro con ése) / Bone (of contention)

Bascom Lamar Lunsford
Dry bones (1928) [*]
Brunswick 314

Bascom Lamar Lunsford (vcl,bj). Ashland, Kentucky, February 1928.

[*] A rare example of the banjo used in a religious tune. This tune contains references to Enoch (Gen 5:21-24), Paul (Acts 16:25-26), Moses (Exo 3:2) and a strange account out of Ezekiel about walking bones (Ezek 37:1-10), not to mention Eve and "Satan a-tempting me."

miércoles, noviembre 11, 2009

Tres hombres razonables

Three reasonable men of the age

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Ivory Chittison and Banjo Joe
My four reasons (1933)
Vocalion 25011

Ivory Chittison and Banjo Joe: Herman Chittison (p) Ikey Robinson (bj,vcl). New York, July 17, 1933

martes, noviembre 10, 2009



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Billy Kyle and his Swing Club Band
Havin' a ball (1937)
Variety 574

Billy Kyle and his Swing Club Band: Charlie Shavers (tp) Eddie Williams (cl) Tab Smith (as) Harold Arnold (ts) Billy Kyle (p) Danny Barker (g) John Williams (b) O'Neil Spencer (d) . New York, March 18, 1937

lunes, noviembre 09, 2009

La edad de la razón

The age of reason

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Mound City Blue Blowers
What's the reason (I'm not pleasin' you) (1935)
Vocalion 2957

Mound City Blue Blowers: Bunny Berigan (tp) Al Philburn (tb) Eddie Miller (cl,ts) poss Gil Bowers (p) Nappy Lamare (g) poss Harry Goodman (b) Ray Bauduc (d) Red McKenzie (comb,vcl). New York, May 9, 1935

domingo, noviembre 08, 2009

Bajo fuego en territorio enemigo

Under attack in enemy's area

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Bon Bon and his Buddies
I don't want to set the world on fire (1941)
Decca 3980

Bon Bon Funnell (vcl) acc. by Joe Thomas (tp) Eddie Durham (tb,g) Buster Smith (cl) Jackis Fields (as) James Phipps (p) Al Hall (b) Jack Parker (d). New York, July 23, 1941

sábado, noviembre 07, 2009

La cabeza visitante

Visiting head

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Wingy Manone
From the top of your head (1935)
Vocalion 3058

Wingy Manone (tp,vcl) Joe Marsala (cl) Tony Zimmers (ts) Bob Laine (p) Carmen Mastren (g) Sid Weiss (b) Ray Bauduc (d). New York, August 27, 1935

viernes, noviembre 06, 2009

Clyde and Bonnie

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Quiero congratular al gran Carlos Franzetti por haber ganado ayer el Grammy Latino por el disco "Duets" con Eddie Gomez. ¡Grande, Carlos!.

Hi Flyers
My Bonnie lies over the ocean (1938)
Vocalion 5346


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Raymond Scott Quintette
Manhattan minuet (1939)
Columbia 37361

Raymond Scott Quintette: Dave Wade (tp) Pete Pumiglio (cl) Dave Harris (ts) Raymond Scott (p,ldr) Lou Shoobe (b) Johnny Willimas (d). New York, July 21, 1939

jueves, noviembre 05, 2009


Red hair

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Lionel Hampton and his Octet
Robbins in your hair (1946)
Decca 23792

Lionel Hampton and his Octet: Joe Wilder (tp) Jack Kelson (cl) Bobby Plater (as) Arnett Cobb (ts) Lionel Hampton (vib,p) Milt Buckner (p) Billy Mackel (g) Joe Comfort (el-b) Curley Hamner (d). Los Angeles, September 23, 1946

miércoles, noviembre 04, 2009


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

La cantante Nancy Storace interpreta "Per la ricuperata salute di Ophelia" de Mozart y Salieri, acompañada al pianoforte por uno de los compositores.

The singer Nancy Storace sings "Per la ricuperata salute di Ophelia" by Mozart and Salieri, accompanied at the pianoforte by one of the composers.

Frank Sinatra
Nancy (1945)
Columbia 36868

Frank Sinatra (vcl) acc. by Axel Stordahl and his Orchestra: Bruce Hudson Leonard Mach Van Ramsey (tp), Carl Loeffler Peter Bellman Elmer Smithers (tb), Heinie Beau Leonard Hartman Harold Lawson Don Logiudice Fred Stulce (saxes), Frank Leithner (p), Perry Botkin (g), John Ryan (b) Ray Hagan (dr) Alex Stordahl (cond). Hollywood, August 22, 1945

martes, noviembre 03, 2009



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

(I drew this for my pal Matt Cruickshank... Come and get it whenever you like, mate!)

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra
Ring dem bells (1930)
Victor 22528

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra: Arthur Whetsol, Freddy Jenkins, Cootie Williams (tp, vcl) Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol (tb) Barney Bigard (cl,ts) Johnny Hodges (as,sop) Harry Carney (bar,cl,as) Duke Ellington (p) Fred Guy (bj) Wellman Braud (b) Sonny Greer (d). Hollywood, Ca., August 26, 1930

lunes, noviembre 02, 2009

El Ángel

The Angel

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

El Ángel del "Mono" Gatica. Dibujado en 1963.
The Angel of "Mono" Gatica (An Argentinean boxer of the 40's and 50's). Drawn in 1963.

Champion Jack Dupree
New low down dog (1940)
Conqueror 9369

Champion Jack Dupree (vcl,p) acc. by Wilson Swain (b). Chicago, Ill., June 13, 1940

domingo, noviembre 01, 2009

El hombre que vio a la partera

The man who saw the midwife

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

El hombre que vio a la partera (cuando era joven). Dibujado alrededor de 1963.
The man who saw the midwife, as a young man. Drawn around 1963.

Joe Venuti's Blue Four
The man from the South (1928)
Okeh 41076

Joe Venuti's Blue Four: Don Murray (bar) Joe Venuti (vln) Rube Bloom (p,vcl) Eddie Lang (g) prob Paul Graselli (d). New York, June 14, 1928