domingo, diciembre 30, 2012

Cosa de leyenda

Stuff of legend
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Música: (video)
A Robot!

Giants steps [theme and solo]
John Coltrane (composer)

viernes, diciembre 28, 2012


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The Jazz Age 1920's 

jueves, diciembre 27, 2012

Groucho y Gardel

Julius & Carlitos
© Copyright Hermenegildo Sábat

Groucho and Gardel in the Astoria Studios by the wonderful Menchi Sábat.
Julius & Carlitos en los Astoria Studios por Hermenegildo Sábat. Cuando en el futuro no se sepa quién era José Pablo Feinmann el mundo se seguira acordando de Menchi Sábat.

Música: (video) [1]
Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx (vcl)
Hello, I must be going   (1930)
(Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby)

[1] Clip song from the Marx Brothers' 1930 film Animal Crackers directed by Victor Heerman.

miércoles, diciembre 26, 2012

Muñeco bailarín

Dancing puppet
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Lennie Tristano Sextet  [1]
Wow  (1949)  [1]
Capitol 57-60003

Lennie Tristano Sextet  [2]
Marionette  (1949)  [2]
Capitol 57-60013

[1] Lennie Tristano Sextet: Lee Konitz (as) Warne Marsh (ts) Lennie Tristano (p) Billy Bauer (g) Arnold Fishkin (b) Harold Granowsky (d). New York, March 4, 1949
[2] Lennie Tristano Sextet: Lee Konitz (as) Warne Marsh (ts) Lennie Tristano (p) Billy Bauer (g) Arnold Fishkin (b) Denzil Best (d). New York, May 16, 1949

martes, diciembre 25, 2012

Un niño ha nacido

A child is born
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Bill Evans
A child is born  (1976)
Fantasy F9529

Harold Land (ts) Bill Evans (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Ray Brown (b) Philly Joe Jones (d). Berkeley, Ca., May 27-30, 1976

lunes, diciembre 24, 2012

¡Paz en el mundo!

Peace on earth!
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Astor Piazolla y su quinteto
Extasis (1963)
CBS 8392 L.P.

Astor Piazolla y su quinteto: Astor Piazzolla (bandoneón), Osvaldo Manzi (piano), Antonio Agri (violín), Kicho Díaz (contrabajo), Oscar López Ruiz (guitarra). Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1963

domingo, diciembre 23, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Masaru Satoh and The Osaka Sinfonica
Symphonic Concert, T03: Symphonic Fantasia No. 1
Composed and written by Akira Ifukube - Masaru Satoh: conductor

sábado, diciembre 22, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Ray Starita and The Piccadilly Revels Dance Band
Toy Town Parade (1927)
Columbia 4321

Recorded at Wigmore Hall, London in 1927

viernes, diciembre 21, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

The Artist and the Editor of this blog wish all the visitors a very happy Christmas!

Música: (video)
Cliff Edwards (voice)
Give a little whistle (1940)
from the movie Pinocchio

jueves, diciembre 20, 2012

Melenita de oro

Golden Curls
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Música: (video)
Sabina Olmos
Melenita de oro (1939)

Escena de "La vida es un tango", película argentina dirigida por Manuel Romero.

miércoles, diciembre 19, 2012

À la garçonne

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Thelonious Monk Quartet
 Lulu's back in town  (1964)
Columbia CL2184

Thelonious Monk Quartet: Charlie Rouse (ts) Thelonious Monk (p) Butch Warren (b) Ben Riley (d). New York, February 10, 1964

martes, diciembre 18, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (Simon Rattle, director)
Suite from the Opera "Lulu": 2nd movement: Ostinato - Allegro
Composed in 1934 by Alban Berg (1885-1935)

lunes, diciembre 17, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012
Trane (Dibujado en 1969 - Drawn in 1969)

John Coltrane Quartet
I want to talk about you  (1962)

John Coltrane Quartet: John Coltrane (ts) McCoy Tyner (p) Jimmy Garrison (b) Elvin Jones (d). Stockholm (Sweden), filmed by an audience member in 1962.

domingo, diciembre 16, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Cannonball Adderley
Dancing in the dark  (1958)
Blue Note BLP1595

Cannonball Adderley (as) Hank Jones (p) Sam Jones (b) Art Blakey (d). New York, March 9, 1958

sábado, diciembre 15, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Erroll Garner Trio
I get a kick out of you (1963)

Erroll Garner Trio: Erroll Garner (p) Eddie Calhoun (b) Kelly Martin (d). Live in Brussels (Belgium) 1963

viernes, diciembre 14, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Ella Fitzgerald
Mood indigo (1957)
Verve MGV4009-2

Ella Fitzgerald (vcl) Oscar Peterson (p) Herb Ellis (g) Ray Brown (b) Alvin Stoller (d). Los Angeles, October 17, 1957

jueves, diciembre 13, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Música: (video)
Louis Armstrong and his All Stars
A kiss to build a dream on  (1962)

Louis Armstrong and his All Stars: Louis Armstrong (tp,vcl) Trummy Young (tb) Joe Darensbourg (cl) Billy Kyle (p) Bill Cronk (b) Danny Barcelona (d). Prob. Stockholm, concert or TV Show, 1962

miércoles, diciembre 12, 2012


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Buster: Dibujado en 1969 y colorizado hoy
Drawn in 1969, colourised today

Buster Keaton (video from  a Canadian documentary [*])
June Night and Casey Jones  (1965)

[*] Buster Keaton Rides Again (1965). The film is a documentary by director John Spotton about the filming of one of Buster Keaton's movies: "The Railrodder (1965)". Buster Keaton sings and plays ukelele.

martes, diciembre 11, 2012

Juana la destripadora

Jill the ripper
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

The London Jazz Four
Things we said today  (1967)
Polydor (E)582005

The London Jazz Four: Ron Forbes (vib) Mike McNaught (p) Brian Moore (b) Len Clarke (d). London, c. 1967

lunes, diciembre 10, 2012

Dos caballeros

Two gentlemen
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Música: (video)
Roger Friedman [McCoy Tyner style interpretation]
God rest ye merry gentlemen

domingo, diciembre 09, 2012

El mundo moderno

The modern world
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Música: (video live performance)
Frederick Hodges
That futuristic rag  (2010)
(Composed by Rube Bloom in 1923)

Frederick Hodges (p). Kansas City, Missouri. February 20th, 2010

sábado, diciembre 08, 2012

Pianito de arrabal

Little piano from the suburbs
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Lucio Demare
Nostalgias  [tango] (1957)
Música: Juan Carlos Cobián
Disc Jockey 10030

Lucio Demare (p). Del disco "Su piano, su tango, su Buenos Aires". Grabado en Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1957.

viernes, diciembre 07, 2012

Rover's Return

Rover's Return (*)
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

(*) Rover's Return es el nombre de un pub en un popularísimo teleteatro inglés, "Coronation Street". Se puede traducir literalmente como "La vuelta del perro"

(*) Rover's Return is the name of a fictional pub in "Coronation Street", a very popular British soap opera.

Música: (video)
Coronation Street Theme by Eric Spears

jueves, diciembre 06, 2012


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Virtuoso Lute music from Italy and England
Jakob Lindberg [laúd - lute]

miércoles, diciembre 05, 2012

El Emperador y su caballo

The Emperor and his horse
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

This is an authentic Napoleonic period British nursery rhyme.

"Baby, baby, naughty baby,
Hush, you squalling thing, I say;
Hushing your squalling, or it may be
Bonaparte may pass this way.

Baby, baby, he's a giant,
Tall and black as Rouen steeple;
And he dines and sups, rely on't,
Every day on naughty people.

Baby, baby, he will hear you,
As he passes by the house,
And he limb from limb will tear you
Just as pussy tears a mouse."

And he'll beat you, beat you, beat you,
And he'll beat you all to pap,
And he'll eat you, eat you, eat you,
Every morsel snap, snap, snap."

The King Cole Trio
You don't learn that in school  (1947)
Sunbeam HB309
The King Cole Trio: Nat King Cole (p,vcl) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b). Broadcast, Los Angeles, Ca., May 28, 1947

martes, diciembre 04, 2012

En un viejo almacen

In an old tavern
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Música: (video)
Hugo del Carril
Sentimiento gaucho  (1941)
del filme  "La canción de los barrios" (Luis César Amadori, 1941)

lunes, diciembre 03, 2012

Mr. Sanders

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Herbie Mann New York Jazz Quartet
Gone with the wind  (1957)
Coral CRL57136

Herbie Mann New York Jazz Quartet: Herbie Mann (fl) Mat Matthews (accor) Joe Puma (g) Whitey Mitchell (b). New York City, January- February, 1957

domingo, diciembre 02, 2012

It's trad dad!

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Música: (video)
Acker Bilk
In a Persian market

sábado, diciembre 01, 2012


A thinking man
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Susannah McCorkle
I thought about you  (1991)
Concord CCD4491

Susannah, una buena amiga perdida pero muy recordada.
Susannah, a good friend long lost but much remembered

Susannah McCorkle (vcl) Frank Wess (ts) Allen Farnham (p) Howard Alden (g) Dennis Irwin (b) Keith Copeland (d). New York, September 15-17, 1991