viernes, octubre 30, 2015

Movilidad humana

Human mobility
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Chet Baker (tp) acc. by Piero Umiliani & his Big Band
Smog  (1962)  [*]
Liuto (It)LRS-0063

[*] Main theme from the italian movie "Smog" directed by Franco Rossi in 1962.

Chet Baker (tp) acc. by Piero Umiliani & his Big Band [string section added]: no details except for Piero Umiliani (p,arr, comp). Prob. Rome, c. 1962

jueves, octubre 29, 2015

Arte de servilleta

Serviette art
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Art Farmer
The summer knows   (1976)
East Wind (Jap) EW8047

Art Farmer (flhrn) Cedar Walton (p) Sam Jones (b) Billy Higgins (d). New York, May 12-13, 1976

martes, octubre 27, 2015

Daniel Mendoza

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Charles Persip and the Jazz Statesmen
The champ [Suite in five mouvements]  (1960)
Bethlehem BCP6046, 11092

Charles Persip and the Jazz Statesmen: Freddie Hubbard (tp-1) Roland Alexander (ts) Ronald Matthews (p) Ron Carter (b) Charles Persip (d). New York, April 2, 1960

lunes, octubre 26, 2015


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Orquesta Típica D´Arienzo (canta Carlos Dante)
La muchacha del circo  (1928)
Electra 777

domingo, octubre 25, 2015

Mister Omar

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Herbie Mann
Bedouin   (1961)
Atlantic LP1407

Herbie Mann (Japanese cane flute) Dave Pike (marimba) Knobby Totah (b) Rudy Collins (d) Ray Mantilla (cga) Ray Barretto (bgo). Recorded at Village Gate, New York, April 26, 1961

sábado, octubre 24, 2015

Imágenes de cuando los tiempos no eran tan fáciles.

Images from when the times were not so easy
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Paul Godwin´s Tanz-Orchester
Tränen weint jede Frau so gern  (1929)
(“Ladies use to weep so willingly”)
Tango composed by Bronislaw Kaper and Walter Jurmann
Polydor B50906

Paul Godwin´s Tanz-Orchester with Leo Monosson (vcl). Berlín, 1929

Kaper was a wonderful Polish born film composer, author of On Green Dolphin Street and Invitation among others great songs

Bonus Track:
John Coltrane Quintet
Invitation  (1958)
Composed by Bronislaw Kaper
Prestige LP7243

John Coltrane Quintet: Wilbur Harden (tp) John Coltrane (ts) Red Garland (p) Paul Chambers (b) Jimmy Cobb (d) . New York, July 11, 1958

martes, octubre 20, 2015

Diane de Poitiers

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Música:David Rose and his Orchestra
The stripper (1962)
MGM 45-1158

lunes, octubre 19, 2015


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Allen Toussaint
Winin' Boy Blues  (2008)
Nonesuch  480380-1

Allen Touissant, Brad Mehldau (p). New Orleans, March 19–22, 2008.

viernes, octubre 16, 2015

The temible Robin Hood

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Dick James
Robin Hood TV theme song  (1956)
Parlophone R.4117

Dick James  (vcl) with Stephen James and his chums and Ron Goodwin's Orchestra. London, 1956

jueves, octubre 15, 2015

Juventud, divino tesoro

Sweet bird of youth
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Harry Roy and his Orchestra
Keep young and beautiful  (1934)
Saville (E)SVL171

Harry Roy and his Orchestra: Stanley Bowsher (tp,arr) Bert Wilton, Tommy Porter (tp) Jack Collins (tb) Nat Temple (cl,as) Joe Arbiter, Harry Goss (ts,bar) Maurice Sterndale (vln) Harry Roy (cl,saxes,vcl) Ivor Moreton, Dave Kaye (p) Tommy Venn (g) Arthur Calkin (b) Joe Daniels (d). London, March 18, 1934

miércoles, octubre 14, 2015

La vuelta del perro

Walking the dog
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Promenade (Walking the dog)
VoxBox CDX5007

Original music written by George Gershwin for the Mark Sandrich´s movie "Shall We Dance" (1937)
Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra: Leonard Slatkin (cond.) George Silfies (clarinet).

sábado, octubre 10, 2015

No pienses mal de mi

Think well of me
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Ruby Braff and Ralph Sutton
Think well of me  (1979)
Chiaroscuro CR(D)211

Ruby Braff and Ralph Sutton: Ruby Braff (cnt) Ralph Sutton (p). New York, October 29-30, 1979

jueves, octubre 08, 2015

De vanitate

De vanitate consiliorum liber unus:
in quo vanitas et veritas rerum humanarum politicis et moralibus
rationibus clare demonstratur, et dialogice exhibetur

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Fats Waller
Messin' around with the blues  (1927)
Victor 20655

Fats Waller (org) solo. Camden, N.J., January 14, 1927

lunes, octubre 05, 2015

The fatal glass of cervoise

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Clayton McMichen
Prohibition Blues  (1930)
Columbia (E) 472886

Clayton McMichen (vcl and probably own guitar acc.). Atlanta (GA), April 21, 1930.

sábado, octubre 03, 2015

Bebedor y perro

Drinker and dog
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

New London Consort (Philip Pickett, dir.)
Carmina Burana (Anon.11-13th c.)
CB 196: In taberna quando sumus
Decca 4674402

New London Consort: Philip Pickett (director) Catherine Bott (soprano) Michael George (baritone) Chorus: Tessa Bonner, Sally Dunkley (sopranos) Andrew King (tenor) Allan Parkes (baritone) Simon Grant (bass) Frances Kelly (harp, rote), Andrew Lawrence-King (harp) Pavlo Beznosiuk (vielle, rebec) William Lyons (recorder) Catherine Latham (recorder,gittern) Paula Chateauneuf (gittern) Stephen Henderson (bells, nakers, tabor, tambourine) Clifton Prior (tabor) Stephen Jones (vielle, rebec) Philip Pickett (recorder, symphony) David Tosh (dulcimer). London (UK), 2000.

viernes, octubre 02, 2015

El Pericón Nacional

El Pericón Nacional (Argentinian dance)
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

Hermanos Abrodos
Pericón Nacional

jueves, octubre 01, 2015

Dibujo de sala de espera

Drawn in a waiting room
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2015

(RIP, old pal!) [Phil Woods died September 29, 2015]

Phil Woods and his European Rhythm Machine
Stolen moments  (1968)
Pathe (F)SPTX-340844

Phil Woods and his European Rhythm Machine: Phil Woods (as) George Gruntz (p) Henri Texier (b) Daniel Humair (d). Paris, November 14, 1968