sábado, marzo 29, 2008

Mr.& Mrs Mozart descansando en su hogar

Mr.& Mrs Mozart relaxing at home

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Charlie Parker
Relaxin' At Camarillo (1947)
DIAL 1012

Charlie Parker's New All Stars: Howard McGhee (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Wardell Gray (ts)`Dodo Marmarosa (p) Barney Kessel (g) George "Red" Callender (b) Don Lamond (d). Hollywood, Ca., February 26, 1947

viernes, marzo 28, 2008

Fauno Urbano

Urban Faun

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Maxine Sullivan
Turtle Dove (1939)
Victor 26344

Maxine Sullivan (vcl) acc by Reggie Merrill, Eddie Powell (cl) Carl Prager (b-cl) Harold Goltzer (bassoon) Mitchell Miller (oboe) Walter Gross (p) Frank Carroll (b) Gary Gillis (d). New York, August 22, 1939

jueves, marzo 27, 2008

Modelo de cuello largo

Long Necked Model

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Al Bowlly
If I Had A Million Dollars (1934)
Decca 293A

Al Bowlly (vcl) acc. by orchestra, directed by Victor Young. New York, October 30, 1934. For data about Al Bowlly click here

miércoles, marzo 26, 2008

Luchador Callejero


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band
12th Street Rag (1949)
Decca 11068

Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band: Ted Buckner (tp) Kid Ory (tb) Joe Darensbourg (cl) Albert Nicholas (cl) Lloyd Glenn (p) Ed Garland (b) Minor Hall (d). Dixieland Jubilee Concert, "Shrine Auditorium", Los Angeles, October 7, 1949

martes, marzo 25, 2008

Fosas Nasales


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Hoy me levanté de mal humor pero esta música me hizo sonreír.
I was in a bad mood today and this terrific music made me smile.

Louis Armstrong and Sy Oliver
A Kiss To Build A Dream On (1951)
Decca 27720

Louis Armstrong acc. by Sy Oliver's Orchestra: Louis Armstrong (tp,vcl) Cutty Cutshall (tb) Milt Yaner (cl,as) George Dorsey (as) Fred Williams, Al Klink (cl,ts) Billy Kyle (p) Sandy Block (b) Bunny Shawker (d) Sy Oliver (arr,cond). New York, July 24, 1951

lunes, marzo 24, 2008

Gente de Playa

Beach people

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Joe Venuti & His Blue Four
Penn Beach Blues (1927)
Okeh 40947

Don Murray (cl,bar) Joe Venuti (vln) Frank Signorelli (p) Eddie Lange (g) prob Justin Ring (cymbal). New York, November 15, 1927

domingo, marzo 23, 2008

Isidoro Parodi

Don Isidoro Parodi

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Don Isidoro Parodi, The Jailbird Detective.

Bunny Berigan and his Orchestra
The prisoner's song (1937)
Victor 36208

Bunny Berigan and his Orchestra: Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman, Steve Lipkins (tp) Al George, Sonny Lee (tb) Joe Dixon, Mike Doty (cl,as) Clyde Rounds, Georgie Auld (ts) Joe Lippman (p) Tom Morgan (g) Hank Wayland (b) George Wettling (d). New York, August 7, 1937

sábado, marzo 22, 2008


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Pied Pipers
Mairzy Doats (1944)

The Pied Pipers: unknown personnel. Data about this group here and here

viernes, marzo 21, 2008

Pallette Options

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Le Maestro Dajos Bela Et Son Orchestre Viennois
Princesse Dollar
Odéon 165.202

jueves, marzo 20, 2008

Mr. And Mrs. Frankenstein

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Hot Lips Page
You Stole My Wife, You Horse Thief (1950)
Columbia 30192

Hot Lips Page (tp,vcl) Jimmy Buxton (tb) Vincent Hair-Bey (as) Ray Abrams (ts) Joe Knight (p) Leonard Gaskin (b) Herbert Lovelle (d). New York, February 1, 1950

miércoles, marzo 19, 2008


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Bow Wow Blues (My mama treats me like a dog) (1921)
Victor 18850

Original Dixieland Jazz Band: Nick LaRocca (cnt) Eddie Edwards (tb) Larry Shields (cl) Benny Krueger (as) Frank Signorelli (p). New York, December 1, 1921

martes, marzo 18, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Lo vi en Buenos Aires / A guy I saw in Buenos Aires

Coleman Hawkins
Picasso (1948)
(Coleman Hawkins)
Mercury 2073

Coleman Hawkins (ts) solo. New York, 1948

lunes, marzo 17, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Jan Savitt and his Top Hatters
Afternoon Of A Faun (1941)
(Claude Debussy, arrangement by Ben Pickering)
Victor 27594

Jan Savitt and his Top Hatters: Joe Weidman, George Hosfeld (tp) Jack Palmer (tp,vcl) Al George, Al Leopold (tb) Ben Pickering (tb,arr) Gus Bivona (cl,as) George Bohn (as) Joe Aglora, Sam Sachelle (ts) Ray Tucci (bar) Jack Pleis (p) Danny Perri (g) Howard Cook (b) Russ Isaacs (d) Jan Savitt (dir). Chicago, August 4, 1941

domingo, marzo 16, 2008


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Baudelaire y la flor del mal / Baudelaire and the flower of evil

Johnny Hodges
Passion Flower (1941)
Bluebird 30-0817

Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra: Ray Nance (tp) Lawrence Brown (tb) Johnny Hodges (as) Harry Carney (bar) Duke Ellington (p) Jimmy Blanton (b) Sonny Greer (d), Billy Strayhorn (arr). Hollywood, July 3, 1941

sábado, marzo 15, 2008


Nude Woman and Animal

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Estoy haciendo huevo mientras espero a mi vieja para ir a morfar así que mando otro dibujo.
I am killing time waiting for my mum to go to lunch, so, here is another picture.
Le Quintette du Hot Club de France
Time On My Hands (1939)
Decca (E)F7100

Le Quintette du Hot Club de France: Stéphane Grappelly (vln) Django Reinhardt (g solo) Eugène Vees, Joseph Reinhardt (rhythm g) Roger Grasset (b). Paris, March 22, 1939



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Earl Hines
Child Of A Disordered Brain (1940)
Bluebird 10642

Earl Hines (storytone p) solo. New York, February 26, 194O

viernes, marzo 14, 2008

Sky & Nemo

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Little Nemo encuentra a Sky Masterson
Little Nemo Meets Sky Masterson

-Quiero felicitar al Editor y a su familia por el nacimiento de Marco!!-
-From here I want to congratulate El Editor and his family for the birth of Baby Marco in Dublin yesterday!-

Woody Herman and his Orchestra
The Sky Fell Down (1940)

Woody Herman and his Orchestra: Steady Nelson (tp) Clarence Willard, Bob Price (tp) Neal Reid, Toby Tyler (tb) Joe Bishop (fhr) Woody Herman (cl,as,vcl) Herb Tompkins, Ray Hopfner (as) Saxie Mansfield, Nick Caiazza (ts) Tommy Linehan (p) Hy White (g) Walter Yoder (b) Frank Carlson (d) Bob Mersey, Zilmer Randolph (arr. New York, February 5, 1940

jueves, marzo 13, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Sarah Vaughan
Summertime (1949)
Columbia 38701

Sarah Vaughan (vcl) acc by Joe Lippman and his Orchestra: Billy Butterfield, Taft Jordan (tp) Will Bradley (tb) Toots Mondello, Hymie Chertzer (as) Art Drellinger, George Kelly (ts) Stan Webb (bar) Jimmy Jones (p) Al Caiola (g) Eddie Safranski (b) Cozy Cole (d). New York, December 1, 1949

miércoles, marzo 12, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

To Hell With Mystery

Johnny Marvin
Oh How She Could Play The Ukulele (1927)
Victor 20478

Johnny Marvin (vcl,uke) unknow vln.

martes, marzo 11, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

"...Aunque estés en el momento prrrropiamente del vermú"
Vermouth's Time

Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra
Overheard In A Cocktail Lounge (1937)
(Josef Myrow)
Variety I633

Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra: Irving Goodman, Frank Amaral, Al Stuart (tp) Bob Fishel, James Curry (tb) Charlie Barnet (as,ts) Dave Gotwalls, Joe Estren (as) Kurt Bloom (ts) Henry Saltman (reeds) John Nicolino (p) Tom Morgan (g) Bob Elden (b) Buddy Schutz (d) Joe Myrow (p) added, Franklyn Marks (arr). New York, August 13, 1937

lunes, marzo 10, 2008

La Fleur du Mal

Woman, Window and Flower

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

The Three Flames
Open the door, Richard (1947)
Columbia 37268

The Three Flames: Unknown p, Richard "Tiger" Haynes (vcl,g) unknown b. New York, January 14, 1947

domingo, marzo 09, 2008

Kings of Jazz

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Paul Whiteman and his orchestra
(vocal Billie Holiday)
Trav'lin' Light (1942)
Capitol 116

Paul Whiteman and his orchestra: Monty Kelly, Larry Neil, Don Waddilove (tp) Skip Layton, Trummy Young, Murray McEachern (tb) Alvy West, Danny d'Andrea (as) Lennie Hartman, Lester Young (ts) Buddy Weed (p) Mike Pingitore (g,bj) Harry Azen, Sol Blumenthal, David Newman (strings) Artie Shapiro (b) Willie Rodriquez (d) Billie Holiday (vcl) Jimmy Munday (arr) Paul Whiteman (dir). Los Angeles, June 12, 1942

sábado, marzo 08, 2008

Cruzando la calle

Crossing the road

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra
The Lonesome Road (1939)
Columbia 38340

Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra: Sy Oliver (tp,arr) Eddie Tompkins (tp) Paul Webster (tp) Elmer Crumbley, Russell Bowles (tb) Trummy Young (tb,vcl) Willie Smith (cl,as) Dan Grissom (cl,as) Jimmie Lunceford (as) Ted Buckner (as) Earl Carruthers (cl,as,bar) Joe Thomas (cl,ts) Edwin Wilcox (p) Al Norris (g) Moses Allen (b) Jimmy Crawford (d). New York, January 31, 1939

viernes, marzo 07, 2008

Mano Armada

Armed Robbery

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Ben Selvin and his Orchestra
Why? (1929)
Columbia 2077 D

Ben Selvin and his Orchestra: Bob Effros, Tommy Gott (tp) Tommy Dorsey (tb) prob Charlie Butterfield (tb) Benny Goodman (cl) Joe Dubin (ts) Ben Selvin (vln,dir) Irving Brodsky (p) prob Tony Colucci (bj) Jack Hansen (tu,b) Stan King (d) The Crooners (vcl). New York, December 23, 1929.

jueves, marzo 06, 2008

Rivadavia y Rincón

Café de Los Angelitos

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Alice in the Café de Los Angelitos.

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five
Sunset Cafe Stomp (1926)
OKeh 8423

Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five: Louis Armstrong (cnt) Kid Ory (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Lil Armstrong (p) Johnny St. Cyr (bj) May Alix (vcl) added. Chicago, November 16, 1926

miércoles, marzo 05, 2008

Tráfico II

Traffic II

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

El tráfico anda medio pesado por aquí.
The traffic is heavy over here.

New Friends Of Rhythm
Heavy Traffic On Canal St (1940)
V-DISC 388B2

New Friends Of Rhythm: Buster Bailey (cl) Sylvan Shulman, Harry Glickman (vln) Louis Kievman (viola) Alan Shulman (cello) Tony Colucci (g) Laura Newell (harp) Harry Patent (b). New York, May 24, 1940

martes, marzo 04, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Llegamos a Buenos Aires después de quince largas horas de vuelo. Me las arreglé para conectar el wi-fi a mi laptop y aquí mando el primer dibujo desde estos lares.

Arrived in Buenos Aires after fifteen gruelling hours flying (actually it wasn't such a bad journey!). I have managed to connect the wi-fi to my laptop and here I send my first pic.

lunes, marzo 03, 2008

Window Mask

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Máscara mirando por la ventana.
Hoy salgo para Buenos Aires, si la conexión es buena, el próximo dibujo saldrá de allí.
Mask looking through the window.
Today I'll leave for Buenos Aires. If I am lucky with the connection, the next drawing will be from there.

Leo Reisman and his Orchestra
The Sun Is At My Window (1928)
Columbia 1702-D

Leo Reisman and his Orchestra: Leo Reisman (vln,ldr) rest unknown. New York, December 17, 1928.

domingo, marzo 02, 2008


The Terrible

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Ivan Riabovitchev, El Terrible.

Louis Armstrong and the All Stars
Russian Lullaby (I & II) (1950)
Decca 9-27188 Decca 9-27187

Louis Armstrong and the All Stars: Louis Armstrong (tp) Jack Teagarden (tb) Barney Bigard (cl) Earl Hines (p) Arvell Shaw (b) Cozy Cole (d). New York, April 26-27, 1950

sábado, marzo 01, 2008

El Pueblo

The People

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

The People wants to know what's going on

Fats Waller and his Rhythm
We The People (1938)
Victor 25898

Fats Waller and his Rhythm: Herman Autrey (tp) Gene Sedric (cl,ts) Fats Waller (p,vcl) Al Casey (g) Cedric Wallace (b) Slick Jones (d). New York, July 1, 1938