lunes, agosto 31, 2009

Mocco, Salsa & Bucintoro

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Mocco, Salsa & Bucintoro en "La Vida de Las Abejas" de Maurice Maeterlink
Mocco, Salsa & Bucintoro in Maurice Maeterlink's "The Life of The Bee"

Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra
Buzzin' 'round with the bee (1937)
Victor 25575

Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra: Cootie Williams (tp) Lawrence Brown (tb) Mezz Mezzrow (cl) Johnny Hodges (as) Lionel Hampton (vib,vcl) Jess Stacy (p) Allen Reuss (g) John Kirby (b) Cozy Cole (d). New York, April 14, 1937

domingo, agosto 30, 2009

Buzo y Sirena

Diver & Mermaid

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

"El Chapaleado" & "La Marplatense" in:

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra
The mermaid (1941)
Okeh 6501

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra: Lester "Shad" Collins, Jonah Jones, Russell Smith, Lammar Wright Sr. (tp) Tyree Glenn, Quentin "Butter" Jackson, Keg Johnson (tb) Hilton Jefferson (as) Andrew Brown (as, bar) Jacinto "Jerry" Blake (as,bar,cl) Ted McRae, Walter "Foots" Thomas (ts) Bennie Payne (p) Danny Barker (g) Milt Hinton (b) Cozy Cole (d) Cab Calloway (vcl,ldr). New York, November 3, 1941

sábado, agosto 29, 2009

La ópera de tres clavos

Three Nails Opera

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Dick Hyman Trio
Moritat: A theme from "The Threepenny Opera" (c. 1955)
MGM E3329

Dick Hyman Trio: Dick Hyman (p) rest unidentified. New York, c. 1955

viernes, agosto 28, 2009



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Tender was the night

Oscar Peterson Duo
Tenderly (1950)
Mercury 8917

Oscar Peterson Duo: Oscar Peterson (p) Ray Brown (b). New York, March 1950

jueves, agosto 27, 2009

Kabaré Voltaire

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Southern Serenaders
I miss my Swiss (1925)
Harmony 4-H

Southern Serenaders: (Prob Fletcher Henderson Orchestra) pers incl. Louis Armstrong (cnt) Charlie Green (tb) Don Redman (cl,as,arr) 2 unknown reeds, p, b, tu, d, Billy Jones (vcl) some of the unknown musicians may include members of the Sam Lanin Orchestra. New York, August 7, 1925

miércoles, agosto 26, 2009


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps
Be-bop-a-lula (1956)
Capitol 3450 A

martes, agosto 25, 2009

Click, Thick and The Bleep

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Bing Crosby
Birds Of A Feather (1940)
Decca 3637B

Bing Crosby (vcl) acc. probably by by John Scott Trotter's Orchestra, no details. Los Angeles, Ca., December 20, 1940

lunes, agosto 24, 2009

That's entertainment

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Michel Warlop et son Orchestre
Magic strings (1936)
Polydor (F)F512736

Michel Warlop et son Orchestre: Alex Renard (tp) Maurice Cizeron (as,fl) Alix Combelle (ts) Michel Warlop (vln) Emile Stern (p) Django Reinhardt, Joseph Reinhardt (g) Louis Vola (b) + unknown others. Paris, February 17, 1936

domingo, agosto 23, 2009

En varios pedazos

Bits and pieces

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Armo, el títere.

Lefty Frizzell
Always late (with your kisses) (1951)
(Frizzel & Crawford)
Columbia 20837

sábado, agosto 22, 2009

La Familia Bigelow

The Bigelow Family

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

La Familia Bigelow: Bondo, Bledo, Bingo, Bruto, Bestia y Bandeja.
The Bigelow Family: Bondo, Bledo, Bingo, Bruto, Bestia & Bandeja.

Will Denny
Nothing like that in our family (1906)
Columbia 3368

viernes, agosto 21, 2009

Rutabaga & Tartufe

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

"Howdoyoudoey" Rutabaga y su bronco "Tartufe"

Louise Massey and Westerners
Ragtime Cowboy Joe (1939)
Columbia 37644

Louise Massey and Westerners: Louise Massey (vcl) Allen Massey (g) Milt Mabie (b) Curt Massey (vcl/fiddle) Larry Wellington (acc). Stevens Hotel, Chicago, IL, September 26, 1939

jueves, agosto 20, 2009

La marcha del tiempo

Time marches on

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces
Take your time (1929)
Brunswick 7061

Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces: Jabbo Smith (cnt) Omer Simeon (cl) Cassino Simpson (p) Ikey Robinson (bj) Hayes Alvis (tu). Chicago, February 23, 1929

miércoles, agosto 19, 2009

Cayetano Santos

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Cayetano Santos (Godino) El alegre asesino
Cayetano Santos (Godino) The cheerful assassin

Carter Family
Kissing Is A Crime (1935)
Conqueror 8643


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Goldomundo, El Indiscriminado y su asistente Pelayo
Goldomundo, The Undiscriminated, and his man Pelayo

Washington Phillips
I've got the key to the kingdom (1929)
Columbia 14511-D

Washington Phillips (vcl,dulceola). Dallas, December 2, 1929

martes, agosto 18, 2009

Golijov & Boludov, los payasos de Marte

Golijov & Boludov, the clowns from Mars

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Frances Alda
(backed by The Metropolitan Opera Chorus)
La Marseillaise (1917)
Victor 64693

lunes, agosto 17, 2009

Blood Simple

Bledo & Sotreta

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Bledo y Sotreta, la pareja sangrante

Bessie Smith
Bleeding hearted blues (1923)
(Lovie Austin)
Columbia A3936

Bessie Smith (vcl) acc by Fletcher Henderson (p). New York, June 14, 1923

domingo, agosto 16, 2009


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Bobby "Bob" Apodaca y su compinche Olivero

Cowboy Copas
Signed, Sealed And Delivered (1957)
King 658

sábado, agosto 15, 2009

Alberdi y Pirulo

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Alberdi & Pirulo in "La forza del destino"

Arturo Toscanini y the NBC Symphony Orchestra
La forza del destino [overture] (video 1944)
(Giuseppe Verdi)

viernes, agosto 14, 2009

El cameráman

The cameraman

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Leonardo Totheroh y un par de perros, en "¡Así es la vida!"
Leonardo Totheroh and a couple of dogs, in "Such is life!"

Billy Murray
This is the life (1914)
(Irving Berlin)
Victor 17584

jueves, agosto 13, 2009

Atilio Arse & Bobby Cajeta

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Atilio Arse & Bobby Cajeta, in "Stop,You Ouanquére!"

Bobby Maxwell and hs Swinging Harps
Chinatown, my Chinatown (1952)
(William Jerome-Gene Schwartz)
Mercury 5773

miércoles, agosto 12, 2009

Albatrossa Capobianco

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Albatrossa Capobianco y su voiture (Ah..., ¡¡Estar en un agujero!!)
Albatrossa Capobianco & Her Voiture (Oh..., To be in a hole!!)

Red Norvo
Hole in the wall (1933)
Brunswick 6562

Red Norvo (xyl,mar) acc by Jimmy Dorsey (cl) Fulton McGrath (p) Dick McDonough (g) Artie Bernstein (b). New York, April 8, 1933

martes, agosto 11, 2009

Cubism around the clock

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Oreste and his Queensland Orchestra
Me and the clock (Tick-i-tock and you) (1929)
Edison 52592

Oreste and his Queensland Orchestra: Unknown orchestra cons. of tp, tb, 2 cl/sop/as, cl/ts, Oreste (p,dir) unknown bj, poss Joe Tarto (tu, arr) unknown d. The Rollickers (vcl quartet). New York, May 17, 1929

lunes, agosto 10, 2009

Aldo & Gusto

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Aldo "The Hammerman" y Gusto "The 'Orse"

Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra
Charlie horse (1941)
V-Disc 380

Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra: Charlie Spivak (tp,ldr) Bob Higgins, Phil Rommel, Buddy Yeager (tp) Ben Long, Bill Mustard (tb) Nelson Riddle (tb) Harry Klee, Jimmy Sands (as) Don Raeffel, Roy Hammerslag (ts) Jerry Florian (bar) Dave Mann (p) Kenny White (g) Jimmy Middleton (b) Bunny Shawker (d) Garey Stevens, Ginger Maylen (vcl) The Debs (vcl group) Sonny Burke (arr). New York, April 15, 1941

domingo, agosto 09, 2009

Solomon Hardy

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Solomon Hardy and his Boulevardiers

Jan Garber and his Orchestra
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (1933)
Victor 24498

sábado, agosto 08, 2009

La pareja del pasado

The couple from the past

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Cerrazón y Gustiérrez, the couple from the past

Roy Rogers
Round that couple and swing when you meet (1940)
Decca 3733

Roy Rogers (vcl) acc. by Spade Cooley´s Orchestra, the Buckle-Busters. Los Angeles, September 3, 1940.

viernes, agosto 07, 2009

Dos marinos

Two sailors

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

La historia de dos marinos

Louis Jordan's Elks Rendez-vous Band
Barnacle Bill the sailor (1938)
Decca 7556

Louis Jordan's Elks Rendez-vous Band: Courtney Williams (tp) Louis Jordan (cl,as,vcl) Lem Johnson (bar) Clarence Johnson (p) Charlie Drayton (b) Walter Martin (d). New York, December 20, 1938

jueves, agosto 06, 2009


Organ grinder

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

El Organillero y su Mono Silvio.
"I don't give a monkey". En Inglaterra: "Me importa un carajo"

Silvio the Organ Grinder and his Monkey Silvio.
"I don't give a monkey":
-It is a wholly impolite phrase, referring to the fact that monkeys (probably apes, actually) at the zoo masturbate freely and frequently, so that the action has no value. "I don't give a monkey's toss" has been shortened to "I don't give a monkey's" or "I don't give a toss". The alternative version was "a tinker's cuss". "I'll be a monkey's uncle" was an expression of surprise derived from the early arguments about evolution.-

Tempo King and his Kings of Tempo
Organ grinder's swing (1936)
Bluebird 6533

Tempo King and his Kings of Tempo: Marty Marsala (tp) Joe Marsala (cl) Queenie Ada Rubin (p) Eddie Condon (g) Mort Stuhlmaker (b) Stan King (d) Tempo King (vcl,ldr). New York, August 21, 1936

miércoles, agosto 05, 2009

Mingitorio Ferreira

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Mingitorio Ferreira and his one legged steed

George Olsen and his Music
Horses (1926)
Victor 19977

George Olsen and his Music: Floyd Rice Bob Borger unknown, (tp) Jack Fulton (tb) Fran Frey (cl,asl) Edward Joyce (cl,as) Milton Neul (cl,ts) Eddie Kilfeather (p,arr) Bob Rice (bj,gl) Jack Hansen (tu) George Olsen (d,dir) Fran Frey (vcl). New York, March 4, 1926.

martes, agosto 04, 2009

Sobrasada y Almohadón

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Billy Cafaro
Marcianita (1959)
(José Imperatore Marcone -letra- y Galvarino Villota Aldreto -música-)
Columbia 8235 (Argentina)

Sobrasada y Almohadón: Los Novios de Marte
Sobrasada & Almohadón: The Sweethearts from Mars

Billy Cafaro (vcl) acompañado por Lucio (Milena) y su Orquesta. Grabado en Buenos Aires, 1959. Información sobre Billy Cafaro pulsar aquí

lunes, agosto 03, 2009

Chofitol & Cagüendié

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Chofitol & Cagüendié, Ocalito and Tumbita's Nephews

Brother Bones and his Shadows
Sweet Georgia Brown (1947/48)
Tempo TR652

Brother Bones (bones and whistling) acc. by Joe Darensbourg (cl) unknown tp, p, g and d. Recorded 1947/48

domingo, agosto 02, 2009

El Maestro Volodia Voroshilov y Queen LaVonda.

Volodia Voroshilov and Queen LaVonda

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Erroll Garner Trio
Music, maestro, please! (1952)
Columbia 39734

Erroll Garner Trio: Erroll Garner (p) John Simmons (b) Shadow Wilson (d). New York, January 3, 1952

sábado, agosto 01, 2009

El Profesor Carnato y su muñeco Maricondo

Professor Carnato and his puppet Maricondo

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Fred Astaire
No strings (1952)
Clef MGC1003

Fred Astaire (vcl) acc. by Charlie Shavers (tp) Flip Phillips (ts) Oscar Peterson (piano,celeste) Barney Kessel (g) Ray Brown (b) Alvin Stoller (d). Los Angeles, December 1952