viernes, octubre 31, 2008

Días de vino y rosas

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Days of wine and roses
...They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream.
Ernest Dowson
Al Dexter And His Troopers
Wine Women And Song (1945)
Columbia 37062
Al Dexter And His Troopers: no recording information.
Info about Al Dexter click here

jueves, octubre 30, 2008



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Glenn Miller and his Orchestra
An angel in a furnished room (1939)
Bluebird 10383

Glenn Miller and his Orchestra: Leigh Knowles, Clyde Hurley, Dale McMickle (tp) Glenn Miller (tb,arr) Paul Tanner, Al Mastren (tb) Hal McIntyre, Wilbur Schwartz (cl,as,arr) Harold Tennyson (as,bar) Tex Beneke (ts) Al Klink (ts) Chummy MacGregor (p) Richard Fisher (g) Rollie Bundock (b) Maurice Purtill (d) Ray Eberle (vcl) Joe Lipman, Charles Dixon, E.G. Eberhard (arr). New York, August 1, 1939

miércoles, octubre 29, 2008

Viejo Almacen


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Firehouse Five plus Two
There's a tavern in the town (1950)
Good Time Jazz 30

Firehouse Five plus Two: Danny Alguire (cnt) Ward Kimball (tb) Clarke Mallory (cl) Frank Thomas (p) Harper Goff (bj) Ed Penner (b, bassax) Monte Mountjoy (d). Los Angeles, October 7, 1950

martes, octubre 28, 2008


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Edmond Hall Sextet
Uptown cafe blues (1943)
Commodore 1512

Edmond Hall Sextet: Emmett Berry (tp) Vic Dickenson (tb) Edmond Hall (cl) Eddie Heywood (p) Al Casey (g) Billy Taylor (b) Sidney Catlett (d). New York, December 18, 1943

lunes, octubre 27, 2008



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Django Reinhardt
Studio 24 (1942)
Rythme (B)D5017

Django Reinhardt (g) acc by Ivon De Bie (p). Brussels, April 16, 1942

domingo, octubre 26, 2008


Old men

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Gene Ammons
Old folks (1952)
Decca 28094

Bill Massey (tp) Jay Jay Johnson (tb) Gene Ammons (ts) Sonny Stitt (bar) John Houston (p) Ernie Shepard (b) Bob Wilson (d). New York, March 24, 1952

sábado, octubre 25, 2008



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Louis Armstrong
Takes Two To Tango (1952)
DECCA 28394

Louis Armstrong with Sy Oliver's Orchestra: Louis Armstrong (tp,vcl) acc. by Hymie Schertzer, Dick Jacobs (as) Babe Frosk, Melvin Tax (ts) Bill Holcombe (bar) Billy Kyle (p) Everett Barksdale (g) Joe Benjamin (b) Bobby Donaldson (d) Sy Oliver (arr,cond). New York, August 25, 1952

viernes, octubre 24, 2008



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Lester Young Quartet
Up 'n' Adam (1949)
Clef 8927

Lester Young Quartet: Lester Young (ts) Hank Jones (p) Ray Brown (b) Buddy Rich (d). New York, c. September 17, 1949

jueves, octubre 23, 2008

Dos caras

Double Face

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Dos caras y una sombra / Two faces and a shadow

(Para El Turco Quique que hoy cumple 62 años)
Fred Astaire
Let's face the music and dance (1936)
(Fred Astaire/W J.Green)
CBS 66316

Fred Astaire (vcl) acc. by Johnny Green Orchestra: no details. Los Angeles, January 30, 1936

miércoles, octubre 22, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Manhattan Merrymakers
Maggie! "Yes Ma'am?" [Come right upstairs] (1923)
Victor 19161

Manhattan Merrymakers: Hymie Farberman (trp) Hugo Frey (p,dir) John Helleberg (bass brass, dr) Sam Lewis (trb) unknown bjo,cl,saxes and violins. New York, October 2, 1923.

martes, octubre 21, 2008



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Francis Bacon espía a George Dyer.
Francis Bacon spies on George Dyer.

Isham Jones and his Orchestra
For all we know (1934)
(Fred J. Coots/Samuel M. Lewis)
Decca 170

Isham Jones and his Orchestra: Clarence Willard, Chelsea Quealey, Johnny Carlson (tp) Mark Bennett, Russ Jenner (tb) Milt Yaner, Victor Hauprich (cl,as) Isham Jones, Saxie Mansfield (ts) Eddie Stone (vln,vcl) + 2 unknown (vln) Harold Smith or James Noble (p) George Wartner or Jack Blanchette (g) Richard Kissinger (tu) Walter Yoder (b) Walter Lageson (d) (or maybe replaced by Charles French)(d) Joe Martin (vcl). New York, September 4, 1934

lunes, octubre 20, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Reconstrucción memorizada de una pintura de Francis Bacon.
Memorised reconstruction of a painting by Francis Bacon.

The Virginians
Bringin' home the bacon (1924)
(Frank Bannister/Lew Colwell/Gus Van/Joseph Schenk)
Victor 19334

The Virginians: Henry Busse, Frank Siegriest (tp) Roy Maxon, Jim Cassidy (tb) Ross Gorman (cl,as) Charles Strickfaden (cl,as,bar) Ferdie Grofe (p,arr) Mike Pingitore (bj) Al Armer or Carl Wagner (tu) Vernon Dalhart, Ed Smalle (vcl). New York, April 30, 1924

domingo, octubre 19, 2008


Old man

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Anthony “Tony” Parenti
Old man rhythm (1929)
(Tony Parenti)
Banner 0580

Anthony “Tony” Parenti (cl) Vic Breidis (p). New York, June 28, 1929

sábado, octubre 18, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Zutty Singleton and his Orchestra
King Porter stomp (1940)
(Jelly Roll Morton)
Decca 18093

Zutty Singleton and his Orchestra: Henry "Red" Allen (tp) Benny Morton (tb) Edmond Hall (cl) Lil Armstrong (p) Bernard Addison (g) Pops Foster (b) Zutty Singleton (d). New York, May 28, 1940

viernes, octubre 17, 2008

Jaime Sabartes

Fueye 5

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Dibujé esto en 1963 y todavía le estoy rogando a Picasso que me perdone.
I drew this in 1963. Begging pardon to Señor Picasso

Vincent Lopez and his Casa Lopez Orchestra
A lane in Spain (1927)
(Al Lewis/Carmen Lombardo)
Brunswick 3517

Vincent Lopez and his Casa Lopez Orchestra: Pete Gentile, Eimar Swan (tp) Charlie Butterfield (tb) Larry Abbott (cl,as) George Napoleon, Billy Napoleon (cl,as,ts) Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as) Xavier Cugat, Dan Yates (vln when present) Arthur Schutt (p) Frank Reino (bj,g) Joe Tarto (tu,b,arr) Willie Kessler (d) The Keller Sisters & Lunch (vcl group) Vincent Lopez (p) as soloist on some occasions. New York, April 9, 1927

jueves, octubre 16, 2008

Hombre del 2008

2008 Man

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Doc Cook and his Dreamland Orchestra
Moanful man (1924)
Gennnet 5373

Cook's Dreamland Orchestra: Freddie Keppard, Elwood Graham (cnt) Fred Garland (tb) Jimmie Noone, Clifford King (cl,as) Joe Poston (as) Jerome Pasquall (ts) Jimmy Bell (vln) Tony Spaulding (p) Stan Wilson (bj) Bill Newton (tu) Bert Greene (d). Richmond, Ind., January 21, 1924

miércoles, octubre 15, 2008

Viaje en taxi

Taxi Ride

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Inquietante viaje en taxi / Unsettling taxi ride

Johnny Bayersdorffer and his Jazzola Novelty Orchestra
I wonder where my easy rider's riding now ? (1924)
(Johnny Bayersdorffer/Tom Brown)
Okeh 40133

Johnny Bayersdorffer and his Jazzola Novelty Orchestra: Johnny Bayersdorffer (cnt) Tom Brown (tb) Charlie Scaglioni (cl) Johnny Miller (p) Steve Loyacano (bj) Leo Adde (d). New Orleans, March 17, 1924

martes, octubre 14, 2008

Asiento trasero

Back seat

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Alberta Hunter
Gimme all the love you got (1929)
Columbia 14450-D

Alberta Hunter (vcl) acc by unknown p and g. New York, July 18, 1929

lunes, octubre 13, 2008

Pareja Londinense

London Couple

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Harry Reser
Lolly pops
(Harry Reser)
Odeon A60206, Yazoo L-1048

Harry Reser (bj) solo acc by Frank Banta or Larry Briers (p). New York, December 1923+

domingo, octubre 12, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Harry Reser
Flapperette (1930)
(Jesse Greer)
Brunswick A8936

Harry Reser (bj) solo acc by Bill Wirges (p). New York, October 27, 1930

sábado, octubre 11, 2008

On The Avenue

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Texas Blues Destroyers
Lenox Avenue shuffle (1924)
(Bubber Miley/Alvin Ray)
Perfect 14341

Texas Blues Destroyers: Bubber Miley (cnt) Arthur Ray (org). New York, c. October 2, 1924

martes, octubre 07, 2008

Magic Harakiri

Harakiri Mágico

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Hoy me voy a Madrid. El servicio de e-mails proseguirá el sábado cuando regrese a Londres. Abrigate bien y toma mucha agua.
I am going to Madrid today. Normal service will be resumed on Saturday on my return to London. Don't catch cold and drink lots of water.
Oscar Grillo

Red Nichols
Chinatown, my Chinatown (1929)
(Schwartz / Jerome)
Brunswick 4363

Red Nichols, Mannie Klein (tp) Glenn Miller (tb) Dudley Fosdick (mel) Fud Livingston (cl,c-mel) Benny Goodman (cl) Lennie Hayton (p) Carl Kress (g) Vic Berton (d). New York, February 5, 1929

lunes, octubre 06, 2008



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Bill Evans Trio
Waltz for Debbie (1964)
(Bill Evans)

Bill Evans Trio: Bill Evans (p), Chuck Israels (b), Larry Bunker (dr). Video recorded in TVB Stockholm, Sweden, 1964.

domingo, octubre 05, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

The Washingtonians
Take it easy (1928)
(Duke Ellington)
Brunswick 4009

The Washingtonians: Arthur Whetsol Louis Metcalf (tp) Joe Nanton (tb) Barney Bigard (cl,ts) Otto Hardwick (as,bar,cl) Harry Carney (bar,cl,as) Duke Ellington (p) Fred Guy (bj) Wellman Braud (b) Sonny Greer (d). New York, March 21, 1928

sábado, octubre 04, 2008



© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Five Brown Brothers
American Patrol (1911)
(F.W. Meacham)
Columbia A1041

Five Brown Brothers: Tom Brown (as, ldr) Fred Brown (as) Percy Brown (as) Alec Brown (bar) Vern Brown (bass sax). New York, June 26, 1911

viernes, octubre 03, 2008

Die Verlorene

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Lewitsch Tanzorchester
I've got a cross-eyed papa (1924)
(Zany / Duval / Ingenham)
Parlophone (G)P.1726

Lewitsch Tanzorchester: E. Miendorf or Fritz Pallmann (tp) Paul Hartmann or Bernhard Mützelburg (tb) Charlie Vidal or Eric Borchard (cl,as) Wolf Gradis (ts,as) Arno Lewitsch (vln,ldr) Walter Lindemann (p) Sascha Lumm (bj) E. Richter (d) poss pers. Berlin, July 1924

jueves, octubre 02, 2008

Fuera de moda


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Arthur Gibbs and his Gang
Old fashioned love (1923)
(from the Musical Comedy "Runnin' Wild")
(Cecil Mack / James P. Johnson)

Victor 19165

Arthur Gibbs and his Gang: Maceo Edwards, Russell Smith or Gilbert Paris (tp) James Reevy (tb) Percy Green (cl,as) Ray Hernandez (cl,ts) John "Jazz" Williams (cl) Arthur Gibbs (p) Leroy Vanderveer (bj) Jerome Burke (d) Cordy Williams (vln) unknown tu. New York, October 10, 1923

miércoles, octubre 01, 2008

Making whoopee


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

The Whoopee Makers [*]
Hottentot (1928)
(Dorothy Fields / Jimmy McHugh)
Pathe-Actuelle 36923

[*] The Whoopee Makers era un seudónimo de la orquesta de Duke Ellington
[*] The Whoopee Makers was a pseudonym for the Duke Ellington Orchestra

The Whoopee Makers: Freddy Jenkins, Arthur Whetsol (tp) Joe Nanton (tb) Barney Bigard (cl,as) Johnny Hodges (as,sop) Otto Hardwick (as,bar) Harry Carney (bar,cl,as) Duke Ellington (p) Fred Guy (bj) Sonny Greer (d). New York, December 18, 1928