jueves, octubre 31, 2013

Jugada peligrosa

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Música: (video)
13 year old Josh Eidsor on bandoneon
The stars and stripes forever (march)
composed by John Phillip Sousa in 1896

miércoles, octubre 30, 2013


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

From the 1930's "Girl Crazy" musical original orchestration
Music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, orchestration by Robert Russell Bennett
Embraceable you  (1990)
Nonesuch Records 79250

Orchestra conducted by John Mauceri: Violins: Matthew Raimondi, Ethel Abelson, Martin Agee, Sanford Allen, Ann Labin, Ann Leathers, Carmel Malin, Anthony Posk, Maralyn Reynolds, Elliot Rosoff; violas: Harold Coletta, Olivia Koppell, Julien Barber, Ann Barak; cellos: Charles McCracken, Julius Ehrenworth, Jesse Levy; bass: Jack Lesberg, woodwinds: Julius Baker (flute), Harry Sargous (oboe, English horn), Phil Bodner (alto saxophone, clarinet, baritone saxophone), Wally Kane (alto saxophone, clarinet, baritone saxophone), Jack Kripl (tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet); trumpets: David Brown, Peter Ecklund, Randy Sandke, John Frosk; trombones: Joel Helleny, Jack Gale; drums: Arnold Kinsella; percussion: Phil Kraus; guitar: Howard Alden, Rick Loewus; piano: Dick Hyman, Bernie Leighton; harmonica: Alan “Blackie” Schackner; ocarina: Harvey Estrin, Robert Steen, John Campo. Vocals: Judy Blazer and David Carrol. BMG Studio C, New York City, February 26-28, 1990

Bonus Tracks:
Charlie Parker Quintet
1) Embraceable you  [truncated]  (1947)
2) Embraceable you [take B]  (1947)
Dial 1024

Charlie Parker Quintet : Miles Davis (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Duke Jordan (p) Tommy Potter (b) Max Roach (d). New York, October 28, 1947

martes, octubre 29, 2013

El Real Instituto

The Royal Institution
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

The English Concert & Choir
Hallelujah Chorus
Comp. by Georg Friedrich Händel
Oratorio - Messiah, HWV 56 - Part 2, No. 44 Chorus

domingo, octubre 27, 2013

En la sacristía

In the vicarage
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Música: (video)
Tamra (six years old) plays
Stroll on at the Vicarage

viernes, octubre 25, 2013

Descalzo en el parque

Barefoot in the park
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Neal Hefti
New home up a stairs (1967)
Dot Records DLP 25803

Music of Neal Hefti from the score of the !967 Gene Saks's film "Barefoot in the park". 

jueves, octubre 24, 2013

Una partida de ajedrez a la orilla del mar

A game of chess by the sea
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Shelly Manne and his Men
Checkmate  (1961)
Contemporary C3599

Shelly Manne and his Men: Conte Candoli (tp) Richie Kamuca (ts) Russ Freeman (p) Chuck Berghofer (b) Shelly Manne (d). Los Angeles, October 17-24, 1961

miércoles, octubre 23, 2013

"Eran otros hombres, más hombres, los nuestros..." (Tiempos Viejos-Tango)

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Música: (video)
The Jack Teagarden Sextet
Basin Street blues  (1958)
(comp. by Spencer Williams)

-Cuando alguien le preguntó a Jack Teagarden si tenía algún hobby dijo "Si, me gusta encerrarme en la pieza de mi hotel y ponerme en pedo"... ¡Gran tipo, gran músico!
-When someone asked Jack Teagarden if he had any hobbies he answered "Yes, I like to get locked in my hotel room and get drunk"... Great guy, wonderful musician!

The Jack Teagarden Sextet: Ruby Braff (tpt) Jack Teagarden (trb) Tony Parenti (cl) Marty Napoleon (p) Chubby Jackson (b) Cozy Cole (d). From the Timex All Star Jazz Show (No 2)/ The Second All-Star Jazz Festival. USA 1958 Directed by Bill Hobin, hosted by Gary Moore, broadcast April 30, 1958.

martes, octubre 22, 2013

Monkey business

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Spike Jones
12th Street Rag  (1957)

From Spike's 1957 summer replacement TV series, sponsored by L&M cigarettes. Both Larry Collins and Wilbur Hall (trombone and bicycle pump) were well known alumni from the famous 1920's Paul Whiteman Orchestra, but neither were regulars with Spike. These were simply cameo appearances for the show.

lunes, octubre 21, 2013

La barra de la esquina

In the street corner
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Angel D'Agostino y su Orquesta Típica. Canta Angel Vargas
Rondando tu esquina  (1945)
RCA Victor

domingo, octubre 20, 2013

El trencito

The little train
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Música: (video) [*]
Glenn Miller and his Orchestra
Chattanooga choo choo (1941)
Victor EPBT/LPT3064

[*] from the H. Bruce Humberstone 1941's film "Sun Valley Serenade" starring Milton Berle and Sonja Henie -both also appearing in video-. Glenn Miller Orchestra, The Nicholas Brothers, & Dorothy Dandridge (Just wonderful!-Maravillosos todos!)

Glenn Miller (as Phil Carey in the film) and his Orchestra: Dale McMickle, Ray Anthony, Johnny Best (tp) Billy May (tp) Glenn Miller (tb) Paul Tanner, Jimmy Priddy, Frank D'Annolfo (tb) Hal McIntyre, Wilbur Schwartz (cl,as) Ernie Caceres (as,bar) Tex Beneke (ts,whistle,vcl) Al Klink (ts) Chummy MacGregor (p) Herman "Trigger" Alpert (b) Maurice Purtill (d) Paula Kelly, The Modernaires: [Hal Dickinson, Chuck Goldstein, Bill Conway and Ralph Brewster], Dorothy Dandrige (vcl) Nicholas Brothers (dancers)  Jerry Gray (arr). "Sun Valley Serenade", Hollywood, March 24/May 3, 1941

sábado, octubre 19, 2013


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Jaco Pastorius
I shot the Sheriff  (1986)
(comp. by Bob Marley)

Biréli Lagrène (g) Jaco Pastorius (elec bass) Tomas Böröcz (d). Live in Italy, March 1986

jueves, octubre 17, 2013

En el parque

In the park
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

The Modern Jazz Quartet
Skating in Central Park (1959)
United Artists UAL4063

The Modern Jazz Quartet: Milt Jackson (vib) John Lewis (p) Percy Heath (b) Coonie Kay (d). New York, October 9-10, 1959

lunes, octubre 14, 2013

Confección (y corte)

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Tito Schipa
Confesión [tango]  (1934)
RCA Victor

Tito Schipa (vcl) acompañado por Francisco Lomuto y su Orquesta Típica. Buenos Aires, 1934

domingo, octubre 13, 2013


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Carlos Gardel
Intimas  (1930)
Odeon 5962

Carlos Gardel (vcl) Guillermo Barbieri, Ángel Domingo Riverol y José María Aguilar (guitarras). Buenos Aires, 28 de Agosto de 1930.

sábado, octubre 12, 2013

Homenaje a Ezequiel Navarra

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Edgardo Donato y Hugo del Carril
Muchacho de cafetín (1935)

Hugo del Carril (vcl) acompañado por la Orquesta de Edgardo Donato. Buenos Aires, 4 de abril de 1935

jueves, octubre 10, 2013

Arrabal amargo

Bitter suburb
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Thelonious Monk Sextet
Suburban eyes  (1947)
Blue Note 542

Thelonious Monk Sextet: Idrees Sulieman [= Leonard Graham](tp) Danny Quebec West (as) Billy Smith (ts) Thelonious Monk (p) Gene Ramey (b) Art Blakey (d). New York, October 15, 1947

miércoles, octubre 09, 2013

Las armas las carga el diablo

The devil loads the guns
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Jazz at the Movies Band
This gun for hire  (1994)
Discovery 77008

Jazz at the Movies Band: Bill Cunliffe (p) Mark Portman (synt) Matt Harris (synt,el-p) Roberto Valle (b) Bernie Dresel (d) Brad Dutz (perc) + featured soloists : Warren Luening, Jack Sheldon (tp) Gary Foster (as,cl) Bobby Tricarico (ts) Tim May (g). North Hollywood, Ca., 1994

martes, octubre 08, 2013

Heartbreak Hotel

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Música:  (video)
Elvis Presley 
Heartbreak Hotel  (1956)

From the Milton Berle Show, performing on the deck of the USS Hancock in San Diego, California. April 3, 1956.

lunes, octubre 07, 2013


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Charles Persip and the Jazz Statesmen
The champ [Suite in five mouvements]  (1960)
Bethlehem BCP6046

Charles Persip and the Jazz Statesmen: Freddie Hubbard (tp) Roland Alexander (ts) Ronald Matthews (p) Ron Carter (b) Charles Persip (d). New York, April 2, 1960

sábado, octubre 05, 2013

La novia de Frankenstein

Frankenstein's bride
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

from the James Whale movie's "The bride of Frankestein"
Several musical themes  (1935)
(composed by Franz Waxman)

viernes, octubre 04, 2013

Los testigos

Les temoins
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Gymnopédies No.3 & No.1 (for orchestra)
1. Lent et grave (= No. 3 for piano)
2. Lent et douloureux (= No. 1 for piano)
Composed by Erik Satie for piano and orchestrated by Claude Debussy

jueves, octubre 03, 2013

Jolly Roger

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Nikolay Sizov Trio
Maiden voyage  (2010)
Victor Dubiler (VD-001) 

Nikolay Sizov Trio: Nikolay Sizov (p) Philipp Meshcheryakov (b) Gariy Bagdasarian (d). St. Petersburg, Russia. May 20 and 21, 2010.

miércoles, octubre 02, 2013

La zona crepuscular

The twilight zone
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

From "The twilight zone" TV's series (from 1959 to 1964)
Original opening theme music (1959)
(comp. by Bernard Herrmann)

martes, octubre 01, 2013


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Lou Donaldson
I feel it in my bones  (1963)
Argo LP724

Tommy Turrentine (tp) Lou Donaldson (as) John Patton (org) Roy Montrell (g) Ben Dixon (d). New York, July 17, 1963