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Annette Hanshaw
Cooking breakfast for the one I love (1930)
Okeh 41370

Annette Hanshaw (vcl) acc by Muggsy Spanier (cnt) unknown cl/ts, vln, p, prob Tony Colucci (g) unknown (b) prob Justin Ring (d). New York, January 27, 1930

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una persona dijo...

la tetera de porcelana...

Matthew Cruickshank dijo...

What the hell am I missing?!! Apart from you!

Happy New Year to you and Patricia. I've joined the Zombie Sketch Crawlers, we patrol the city at night looking for flesh.

I met Pete D. very briefly but didn't have time to speak. I look forward to a big Argentinian hug when I get back.

Matt & Alina x

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Dear Alina and Matt.
You are missing the new TV detective Aurelio Zen. The Venetian detective who fights corruption in Rome and drinks his espresso ristretto in a single gulp. You are missing darkness at noon and continuous frozen drizzle. You are missing gossip about the Beckhams and my latest drawings for the Buenos Aires exhibition. Everybody's well around here and the subsidised bankers have voted again enormous bonuses for themselves. "Come dine with me" is shown in every TV channel in the land. Life is sweet!