viernes, marzo 31, 2006



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Nuestros amigos ascendieron por la cuerda al "Leviathan".


New East St Louis Toodle-oo (1937)
Duke Ellington And His Orch.

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Deluria dijo...

...donde olía terriblemente a pescado pero las vistas eran preciosas.

¿Se alimentarían de las lapas y moluscos pegados en la piel de la ballena?

Oscar Grillo dijo... ballena..como los japoneses y los Islandeses.

Matthew Cruickshank dijo...

Oscar, you have the biggest dick I have ever seen.

Mind altering work. You took my sketchbook and transformed it from a piece of shit into a voyage of discovery. I'm so pleased to have met you. You also made me piss myself with laughter for 10 hours.

You have amazing things to say and even more amazing ways to express them- if you were a drug you'd be a Picasso speedball with a triple Steinberg chaser. I fucking salute you!

viruta dijo...

como si
un lívido resplandor
nos guiara
hacia el extraviado allá...

estás vos:

Oscar Grillo dijo...

In relation to Matt's comment and to avoid fan mail I feel obliged to clarify that the dick "Crookie" refers to is a metaphor for "ability to draw"..I commented that blogging reminded me of one those contests boys have showing their dicks to see who had it bigger
In my childhood we also played who peed the furtherest or the highest.

My willie is the right size, like everybody elses, in both accounts.

Viruta: Cada dia se te ve mas linda en tu recuadrito de identificacion.

Anónimo dijo...

¿Cuánto saldrá un billete Barcelona/Buenos Aires en ballena voladora? parece que ya sé en qué vehículo haré mi próximo viaje...