miércoles, septiembre 28, 2016

Cabayo a los saltos

Jumpin orse
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Herbie Mann and Phil Woods
Beyond Brooklyn [full album]  (2003)
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild MVGJ1012

Herbie Mann (fl,alto fl) Phil Woods (as,cl) Marty Ashby (g) Gil Goldstein (accordion) Jay Ashby (tb, alto tb,perc) Alain Mallet (p) Dwayne Dolphin, Paul Socolow (bass g) Ricky Sebastian, Roger Humphries (dr). New York, 2003

martes, septiembre 27, 2016


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Esy Morales and his Latin-American Orchestra
Jungle Fantasy (1947)
Rainbow 10050

Esy Morales (fl) undisclosed rest. New York, 1947

domingo, septiembre 25, 2016

Helado Madrino

Fairy Godfather
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Seals and Crofts
John Wayne   (1977)
Warner Bros, 8405

Seals and Crofts: Dash Crofts, Jim Seals (g,vcl). Los Angeles (CA), 1977.

miércoles, septiembre 21, 2016


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals
Salty dog (1926)
Paramount 12399

Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals: Freddie Keppard (cnt) Eddie Vincent (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl)  Arthur Campbell (p) Jasper Taylor (woodblocks) Papa Charlie Jackson (vcl). Chicago, July 26th 1926

martes, septiembre 20, 2016

Tarde de ranas

A froggy evening
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Música: (video)
A Cappella Barbershop Quartet (Trudbol & SgtSonny)
Hello my baby (Frog song)
YouTube Channel

Julien Neel [Trudbol], Sonny Vande Putte [SgtSonny] (vcl). Undisclosed date and location.

lunes, septiembre 19, 2016


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Deep River Orchestra and Annette Hanshaw
Japanese sandman (1928)
Pathe Act 36796

Deep River Orchestra: prob Walter Holzhaus + other (tp) unknown tb, Bob McCracken (cl,as, ts) 2 cl/as, Willard Robison (p,dir) Charles Barnes (bj,g) Nick Fisher (tu) prob Doc Ross (d) Annette Hanshaw (vcl). New York, c. April 6, 1928 

viernes, septiembre 16, 2016


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Zé da Zilda [José Gonçalves]
Virgulina  (1939)
(comp. by Antenor Borges)
RCA Victor 34497-B

(vcl). Undisclosed rest. Rio de Janeiro, Julio 5, 1939

jueves, septiembre 15, 2016

El gato

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Música:  (video)
Orquesta Informal de Rosario
Everybody wants to be a cat  (2011)

Bonus track:
Duke Ellington and his Orchestra
El Gato  (1958)
Magnetic (G)MRCD119

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra: Clark Terry, Cat Anderson, Harold Baker, Ray Nance (tp) Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman, John Sanders (tb) Jimmy Hamilton (cl,ts) Russell Procope, Johnny Hodges (as) Paul Gonsalves (ts) Harry Carney (bar) Duke Ellington (p) Jimmy Woode (b) Sam Woodyard (d)."Théâtre National Populaire, Palais Chaillot",Paris, October 28, 1958 (afternoon concert)

miércoles, septiembre 14, 2016

En el viejo Willendorf

In old Willendorf
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Robert Hill, Rusen Gunes and Amanda Hurton
Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano
(composed by Aubrey Meyer)
"Tango"  [2nd movement]  (1984)

Robert Hill (cl)  Rusen Gunes (vla) Amanda Hurton (p). Purcell Room on the South Bank, London (UK), recital in 1984.

sábado, septiembre 10, 2016

León viejo

Old lion
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Sexteto Elvino Vardaro
Tigre viejo (1933)
Acetato no comercial

Sexteto Elvino Vardaro: Aníbal Troilo y Jorge Argentino Fernández (bandoneones) Hugo Baralis y Elvino Vardaro (violines) José Pascual (piano y arreglos) Pedro Caracciolo (contrabajo). Buenos Aires, 1933