viernes, abril 14, 2017

Hora Staccato

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2017

Música:  (video)
Jascha Heifetz
Hora Staccato 
[comp. by Grigoraş Dinicu and transcribed by Heifetz]

Jascha Heifetz (vln) Emanuel Bay (p). Undisclosed date and place of recording. Probably 1940´s

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Lee Marvin Newland dijo...

Dear Oscar,

Where is the religious significance in this work? No cross? No nails? No blood?

Lee Marvin Newland

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Yes..The fiddler, in a sacrificial fashion, wrapped his gonads with barbed wire...More religious that that..Go on pilgrimage to North Korea with a photograph of General Douglas MacArthur tattooed on your chest.