lunes, agosto 29, 2016


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Hoy Charlie Parker hubiera cumplido 96 años
Today Charlie Parker would have been 96 years old 

Charlie Parker's Jazzers
My little suede shoes  (1951)
Mercury/Clef 11093

Charlie Parker's Jazzers: Charlie Parker (as) Walter Bishop (p) Teddy Kotick (b) Roy Haynes (d) Jose Mangual (bgo) Luis Miranda (cga). New York, March 12, 1951

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Lee Marvin Newland dijo...


The perfectly drawn tangent of the lead hoof with the background lends interior strength to an already strong composition. The clouds are reminiscent of a famous dessert served during Lent in Edmonton, Alberta.

Lee Marvin Newland

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Gracias for the lovely and congratulatry words, Mr. Terranova. I've been trying to ring you to tell you how much I liked the picture you send, the one of the Lambada agrupation directed from the accordion by el maestro Poncho Grillo. I was not possible to contact you, most certainly you are on the road promoting "Col-Erase" pencils and don't answer the phone...Well done, and the best of luck, Mr Terranova!