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George Shearing & Don Thompson
Subconcious-Lee (1983)
JazzKnight Records

George Shearing (p) Don Thompson (b). In January 1983, George Shearing and Canadian bassist Don Thompson began a six week engagement at Michael's Pub on East 55th St. in New York. Thompson and Shearing had been working as a duo since June '82 and had developed a strong and trusting musical bond. During this period in early '83, Shearing and Thompson often rehearsed at Shearing's New York apartment, to try things out. The so-called practice sessions were so lyrically deep that Thompson suggested they record themselves. Shearing agreed, and off they went to a music store to rent four mikes and some pre-amps and to buy four reels of tape. With the gear set up by the apartment's fireplace, Shearing sat at his grand piano and Thompson played his bass. Over the next several days, between pots of tea, they recorded. When the blank tapes ran out, Shearing sent the results off to a record producer. The producer said to add reverb and then send them back for another listen. Shearing grew busy and decided to pass on the extra work. Fortunately they were found by Ellie Shearing, the pianist's widow, and together with Thompson, they co-produced George Shearing at Home (ProperNote). The 14 tracks [released in April 2013 **] feature a wide range of material—from Johnny Mandel's A Time for Love and I Cover the Waterfront to Charlie Parker's Confirmation and Lee Konitz's Subconcious-Lee. [excerpt from Jazz Wax blog by Mark Myers]

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Bonus track:
Live piano trio version
Lee Konitz's "Subconscious Lee"

Enrico Pieranunzi (p) Marc Johnson (b) Paul Motian (d). Village Vanguard, NYC July 7 or 8, 2010

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