miércoles, noviembre 12, 2014

Tráfico en Poisonville [*]

Traffic in Poisonville [*]
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2014

[*] Poisonville or Personville: Ciudad imaginaria situada en el medio oeste norteamericano e "inventada" por Dashiell Hammett
[*] Poisonville or Personville: Imaginary town in the American midwest "invented" by Dashiell Hammett 

Vincent Lopez and his Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra
Dixie Highway  (1922)
Okeh 462

Vincent Lopez and his Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra: Bob Biers, Bob Effros (tp) Jim Cassidy (tb) Larry Abbott (cl,as) George Napoleon (as) Billy Hamilton (cl,as,ts) Ernest Holst (vln) Vincent Lopez, Joe Gold (p) Frank Reino (bj,g) Hank Waak (tu) Willie Kessler (d). New York, July, 1922

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