viernes, diciembre 06, 2013


In a sentimental mood
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Joe Harriot with Stan Tracey Big Brass
In a sentimental mood  (1969)
from the film Love you madly - A salute to Duke Ellington
UK 1969, Terry Henebery (dir, prod).

The Jamaican Joe Harriot died in 1973, the Londoner Stan Tracey died today aged 86.

Stan Tracey Big Brass: Nigel Carter, Tony Fisher, Paul Tungay, Harry Beckett, Hank Shaw (tp) Don Lusher, Keith Christie, Bobby Lamb, Chris Pine, Cliff Hardie (trb) Stan Tracey (p,arr,ldr) Lennie Bush (b) Ronnie Stephenson (d). Soloist: Joe Harriott (as). London, 1949

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