jueves, octubre 24, 2013

Una partida de ajedrez a la orilla del mar

A game of chess by the sea
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Shelly Manne and his Men
Checkmate  (1961)
Contemporary C3599

Shelly Manne and his Men: Conte Candoli (tp) Richie Kamuca (ts) Russ Freeman (p) Chuck Berghofer (b) Shelly Manne (d). Los Angeles, October 17-24, 1961

3 comentarios:

Jenea Kaitaz dijo...

Oscar I never liked to play chess... because after this game my brain is felt sick, but my dad sometimes offers to play with him, but I don't like 'cause I always lose(((

This picture is like a game of chess on Halloween)))

kellie dijo...

Great drawing! Oh, but it's too hard to cheat at chess - he'd have been wiser to try a game of cards.


Oscar Grillo dijo...

It is chess for Halloween, Eugenia!

You're very right, Kellie, that way the mortals would have had a chance of winning a game or two!