viernes, julio 26, 2013


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Moondog [Louis Thomas Hardin] (*)
Organ rounds  (1956/57)
Prestige  PRLP7099

Moondog. Played miscellaneous primitive and homemade instruments utsu, oo, uni, samisen, composer.
(*) Real name Louis Thomas Hardin. Born in Marysville, Kansas, May 24, 1916. Raised in Wyoming. Not a jazz musician in the real sense of the word. His music is rather a product of a personal phenomenon and therefore his recordings made for various record firms belong to the fringe of jazz.

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Gustavo dijo...

La calavera perteneció, en vida, a nuestro querido Cabezón Fanfaifa.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Que como "Garufa" era todo un calavera.....