domingo, mayo 20, 2012

Tomar al toro por las astas

In the horns of a dilemma
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Fred "Sugar" Hall and his Sugar Babies
I'm wild about horns and automobiles (1928)
Okeh 41152

Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies : Mike Mosiello (tp) Eddie Grosso (cl,as) Philip d'Arcy (hca,vln,p) Fred Hall (p, and prob. 2nd voice -scat vcl-) Albert Russo (bj) A1 Morse (tu) Joseph Mayo (d) Arthur Fields (vcl). New York, November 12, 1928

2 comentarios:

dodo dijo...

This animal series is a beauty; it will certainly inspire someone to write the short stories hiding inside the drawings!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Thanks, Dodo...You should write them.