lunes, febrero 20, 2012

Narciso 2

Narcissus 2

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Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies
Look in the mirror [and you'll see just who I love] (1927)
Okeh 40986

Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies: Jack Mollick (tp) Eddie Grosso (cl,as) Philip d'Arcy (hca,vln,p) Fred Hall (p) Albert Russo (bj) A1 Morse (tu) Joseph Mayo (d) Arthur Fields (vcl). New York, November 25, 1927

4 comentarios:

Chloe Cumming dijo...

Brilliant Oscar! I love pictures with reflections in them.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Thank you, Chloe!... I am glad you like it!

dodo dijo...

He took the Mickey.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Vain people always take the Mickey.