sábado, diciembre 10, 2011

Las Brigadas (Saturno)

The Brigades (Saturn)

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2011

Jabbo Smith and his Orchestra
Rhythm in Spain (1938)
Decca 1980

Jabbo Smith and his Orchestra: Jabbo Smith (tp) Leslie Johnakins, Ben Smith (as) Sam Simmons (ts) James Reynolds (p) Connie Wainwright (g) Elmer James (b) Alfred Taylor (d). New York, February 1, 1938

4 comentarios:

Alberto Pez dijo...

Este grupo de elite mete miedo.
Semper Fi!!!

kellie dijo...

I love this one!

kellie dijo...

A question - is Popeye on the crew of El Saturno?

Oscar Grillo dijo...

No, as most people is aware, Popeye was not a full time sailor. He fought in the battle of Jarama with the Batallion Abraham Lincon, under the orders of Oliver Law. He also saw action in Brunete, Belchite and Teruel. For his heroism he became a mascot of the Polikarpov I-16 of the republican air force: