jueves, noviembre 24, 2011

On the fiddle

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Annette Hanshaw
Fit as a fiddle (1932)
Perfect 12866

Annette Hanshaw (vcl) acc by Mannie Klein (tp) Jimmy Dorsey (cl) Harry Hoffman, Matt Malneck (vln) Fulton McGrath (p,celeste) Carl Kress or Dick McDonough (g) Artie Bernstein (b) Chauncey Morehouse (d,vib). New York, December 2, 1932

2 comentarios:

Seravilo dijo...

Annette! MY FAVORITE female singer of all time!! Thanks for posting her work for a new generation to admire. As a comic-book enthusiast, I also "dig" the screwball drawings....

I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one who's found that magnificent JAZZ-ON-LINE.COM website; long may it wave!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Annete was a GODDESS! Great, great singer and had oodles of sex appeal. Yeah, Jazz On Line is a treasure!