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Mary Martin with Eddie Duchin´s Orchestra
Most gentlemen don't like love (1946)
Columbia 36310

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dodo dijo...

It reminds me of photos taken on Kefalonia after the 1953 earthquake: house walls collapsed and took the upper and middle class with them; along with books, art, pianos and a whole way of life...

Oscar Grillo dijo...

I was ten years old then and already loved the word Kefalonia. Isn't there where Ithaca was?

dodo dijo...

You are right; although there is an island named Ithaca off Kefalonia's east coast, the Homeric Ithaca was probably the Paliki peninsula, i.e. Kefalonia's western part, then an island.
You only need to meet a few people from Paliki to make sure: pure Ulysses spirit!