lunes, mayo 16, 2011

Maestro de payasos

Master of clowns

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2011

Recién llegado a Baires y completamente "spaced out"
Just landed in Buenos Aires and completely "spaced out"

Zez Confrey and his Orchestra
Dizzy fingers (1927)
Victor 20777

Zez Confrey and his Orchestra: Del Staigers, prob. Earl Oliver or Tommy Gott (tp) Chuck Campbell (tb) prob. Sammy Feinsmith, Andy Sannella (cl,as) prob. Max Farley (cl,ts) Lou Raderman (vln) Nat Shilkret (p,dir) Milt Rettenberg (p) Dick Maffi (bj) Joe Tarto or John Helleberg (tu) Joe Green (d). New York, June 3, 1927

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