miércoles, marzo 30, 2011

Nadadora nocturna

Night swimmer

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Little Willie Littlefield
It's midnight [No place to go] (1949)
Modern 20-686

Little Willie Littlefield (vcl,p) acc by Wilbert Brown (tp) John Handy, Buddy Floyd (as) Don Wilkerson (ts) Johnny Moore (g) Bill Davis (b) Chuck Thomas (d). Houston, 1949

4 comentarios:

dodo dijo...

And in another music genre, "Nightswimming", by the R.E.M.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

A young Argentine writer, Juan Forn, wrote "Nadar de Noche" (To Swim in the Night), the title refers at the situation of being dead....Is to be dead a "situation"?

dodo dijo...

I guess it is; an irreparable one.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

So. The French "Situationistes" of 1968 were all dead!!!