domingo, octubre 10, 2010

Sweet bird of youth

Dulce pájaro de juventud

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Nat King Cole
Blame it on my youth (1956)
Capitol EAP4-782

Nat King Cole (p,vcl) Juan Tizol (v-tb) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Lee Young (d). Hollywood, Ca., September 21, 1956

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Oscar Grillo dijo...

Lee Young era el hermano de Lester (Prez)

Gustavo dijo...

Paradójicamente Lee Young de viejo no podía leer. Bah, dicen...

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Era amigo de Kim Il Yung.

Anónimo dijo...

Hey Oscar. Is there a surefire way I can actually listen to some of the music you put on your blog. My computer won't play any of the files because they're all in RAM or something.

I didn't even know the great Lester Young had a brother by the way. Can't wait to see how he plays those drums. I just love Prez's smooth, creamy way of playing that tenor sax.

El editor dijo...

Hi Roberto,
the best program to listen RAM files (among others formats including video) is Real Alternative, it´s free, very small and very good "alternative" to Real Player. You can download it clicking here.

Lee Young died in 2008 at 94 (click here) and in the Art Pepper´s autobiography "Straight life" © 1979 Schirmer Books Lee Young speaking about the controversy "West Coast jazz", page 46 he said "...Music is music. Either you can play or you cannot play. And I´ve found that music is an international language. One of the best bands I ever heard was a band in Buenos Aires, Argentina."
By the way, in that band (basically Bubby Lavecchia´s band plus strings) that accompanied Nat King Cole in Buenos Aires in 1959 played Hugo Pierre (alto sax and clarinet player) a very good friend of mine that is very proud about that remark.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Hugo Pierre is the Johnny Hodges of the underdevelopment. Fabulous sound, great technique.