lunes, agosto 30, 2010



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Arthur Godfrey
Slap 'er down again paw (1947)
Columbia 38066

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pandave dijo...

That looks like it's going to leave marks! A great start to the week, thank you!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Here in England we have a Bank Holiday, Pandave!

Anónimo dijo...

Oscar, I think you have one of the best cartoon blogs ever. Seriously. I apologize that this is my first comment on your blog, but I just had to say that to you. Awesome drawing by the way.

Vul Morcilla dijo...

Ese es un poema gauchesco-lovecraftiano

"De chiquilín
te Cthulhueaba de afuera,
esos Shoggoths que nunca
se alcanzan,
los tentáculos contra el vidro"


Oscar Grillo dijo...

El del oud acompaña esa misma cancion.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Thanks, Severino. I really appreciate your comment!

pandave dijo...

the US needs to learn some lessons in relaxation and holidays from the UK, Europe.. actually probably the rest of the world. Happy holiday!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Man!..For that you should see the ammount of holidays they have in Spain or Italy!!