viernes, mayo 07, 2010

Artistas callejeros

Street artists

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"The son of Gardel" & "The son of God"
In a Buenos Aires' park there is a busker who earns a few pennies pretending to be the son of Carlos Gardel, an idolised Argentinean singer who died tragically in 1935. I have coupled him with another "street artist" who also pretends to be the son of a famous character.

Billie Holiday
God bless the child (1941)
Okeh 6270

Billie Holiday with Eddie Heywood and his Orchestra: Billie Holiday (vcl) Roy Eldridge (tp) Jimmy Powell, Lester Boone (as) Ernie Powell (ts) Eddie Heywood (p) Paul Chapman (g) Grachan Moncur (b) Herbert Cowans (d). New York, May 9, 1941

6 comentarios:

ariel tenorio dijo...

el hijo de Gardel es Perón?

Anónimo dijo...


qué gracioso rostro del Cristo sufriendo, acaso desafina el hijo de Gardel?

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Todos desafinan!

Vul Morcilla dijo...

único artista
es la calle en sí misma

dodo dijo...

Que maravilla esos ultimos dibujos de Bs As!

pandave dijo...

that is brilliant! that duo must really be raking it in!