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Flutist or Flautist?
In Nancy Toff's essential The Flute Book, she explains that the term flautist is associated with the negative connotations derived from the Latin verb, flaut which means to jeer or mock, which "apparently derives its meaning from the practice of playing a flute to ridicule."
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term flautist did not appear in English until 1860, when Nathaniel Hawthorne used it in The Marble Faun. ("The flautist poured his breath in quick puffs of jollity") The frequent use of the word flautist is probably inspired by the Italian terminology, flauto which pervades musical scores. Significantly, Hawthorne had lived in Italy for a yeard and a half before he wrote The Marble Faun.
The Oxford English Dictionary states that the word flutist (1603) is a much older established word than flautist (1860). Since the English term flute is related to the modern French flûte, it follows therefore that the player of that instrument would be a flutist.
Toff pleads calling her a flute player, or even fluter, a term coined by Saumuel Pepys. (His diary entry for June 21, 1666 notes, "I saw...a picture of a fluter playing on his flute.") Flutist, fluter, or flute-player...but please, not flautist!
Toff, Nancy. The Flute Book.
Oxford University Press, Inc. New York: 1996.

The Kentucky Jug Band
Hard Hustlin' Blues (1930)
Vocalion 1564

The Kentucky Jug Band (a pseudonym for the Philips Louisville Jug Band): George "Hooks" Tilford (c-mel sax) Charles "Cane" Adams (cane-fl) Phil Phillips (g) Carl "Jug" Reid (jug ,scat vcl,jazzhorn). Chicago, August 1930

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Galliano dijo...

Si le pusiste flautist y no flutist, entonces, es porque asumís que hace el ridículo.
A mí me pareció un dibujo muy gracioso, no sé por qué.

Chris Bivins dijo...

Hey Mr Grillo. I saw your comment and I uploaded a new post. Thanks for the encouragement and cant wait to see more stuff. What kind of projects have you been working on lately?


Oscar Grillo dijo...

Le puse "Flautist" porque la explicacion de la mina me parecio de lo mas pedante y neurotica. Como se le dice al que toca la quena? Quenero? Quenista? Quenador?... Quizas lo que te hace reir sea el aspecto solemne y melancolico que tienen los personajes. A mi tambien me hace sonreir.

Hi, Chris. I am retired from animation. I now illustrate and draw idiocies like this one. I am currently working on a long graphic novel.

Gustavo dijo...

Es un grandísmo músico. Pero como tipo es un poco absorbente.
Ojo, es una apreciación personal, eh...

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Yo lo veo mas bien soplante...De ahi viene el dicho "Sopla Cuervos y te tocaran la flauta"