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Filomedontes y el toro

Philomedontes and the bull

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Chick Bullock
I'm an old cow-hand (1936)
ARC 6-09-01

Chick Bullock (vcl) acc. by unknown tp, tb, prob. Paul Ricci (cl) unknown as, ts, p, g, b and d. New York, June 22, 1936

Y también ... / And also ...

Arthur Collins
The Argentines, the Portuguese and the Greeks (1920)
Gennett 9065

Arthur Collins (vcl) undisclosed rest of personnel. New York 1920.

Royal Cortissoz, art critic, 1923 (on this song). (click here to see source)
Arthur Collins' 1920 version of Arthur Swanstrom and Carey Morgan's "The Argentines, The Portuguese and the Greeks" is a novelty song, but it sums up the mood of the era, in which many "native" Americans believed the country was being flooded with too many people from the wrong side of Europe (and anywhere in Asia), culminating in the Immigration Act of 1924

2 comentarios:

Oscar Grillo dijo...

La cancion de Collins es asquerosamente racista, por eso la elegi, para que los yankees se avergüencen...

ariel tenorio dijo...

"ser ciego no es nada, peor sería ser negro" stevie wonder

muy bueno, me encanta como funciona el color del fondo con los detalles rojos.