domingo, enero 31, 2010



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Larry Clinton and his Orchestra
Abba dabba [One of the Arabian knights] (1937)
Victor 25707

Larry Clinton and his Orchestra: Larry Clinton, Ralph Muzillo, Willis Kelly, Bob Cusumano (tp) Alex Palocsay (Polarsky?), Cliff Heather (tb) Skeets Herfurt, Sid Stoneburn (cl,as) Babe Russin, John Sadola (cl,ts) Irving Brodsky (p) Jack Chesleigh (g) Al Whistler (b) Chauncey Morehouse (d). New York, November 5, 1937

viernes, enero 29, 2010

Tercera dimensión

Third dimension

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Charles Mingus
Better get hit in yo' soul (1963)
Impulse A(S)54

Eddie Preston, Richard Williams (tp) Britt Woodman (tb) Don Butterfield (tu) Eric Dolphy (fl,b-cl,as) Dick Hafer (ts,cl,fl) Booker Ervin (ts) Jerome Richardson (bar,sop,fl) Jaki Byard (p) Charles Mingus (b) Walter Perkins (d). New York, September 20, 1963

jueves, enero 28, 2010

Menage a trois

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The Three Keys
Rasputin (That highfalutin' lovin' man) (1933)
Brunswick 6567

The Three Keys: Bon Bon (= George Tunnell)(vcl) Slim Furness (g,vcl) Bob Pease (b,vcl .New York, April 6, 1933

miércoles, enero 27, 2010

Invención 7

Invention 7

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Red Norvo Quintet
Blue skies (1944)
V-Disc 597

Red Norvo Quintet: Aaron Sachs (cl) Red Norvo (vib) Danny Negri (p) Remo Palmieri (g) Clyde Lombardi (b) Eddie Dell (d). New York, May 14, 1944

martes, enero 26, 2010

Invención 6

Invention 6

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Nat Shilkret and The Victor Orchestra
Carolina Moon (1929)
Victor 21847B

Nat Shilkret and The Victor Orchestra: Undisclosed 3 trumpets, trombon, 4 saxes, 4 violins, cello, 2 pianos, guitar, bass, 2 drummers, Burt Lorin (vcl). New York, January 10, 1929.

lunes, enero 25, 2010

Invención 5

Invention 5

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Charlie Parker All Stars
Bird gets the worm (1947)
Savoy 952

Charlie Parker All Stars: Miles Davis (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Duke Jordan (p) Tommy Potter (b) Max Roach (d). Detroit, December 21, 1947

domingo, enero 24, 2010

Invención 4

Invention 4

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra
Overture to a jam session, part 1 (1946)
Overture to a jam session, part 2 (1946)
Musicraft 463

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra: Harold Baker, Cat Anderson, Taft Jordan, Francis Williams (tp) Ray Nance (tp,vln) Claude Jones, Lawrence Brown, Wilbur DeParis (tb) Jimmy Hamilton (cl,ts) Russell Procope (cl,as) Johnny Hodges (as,sop) Al Sears (ts) Harry Carney (bar,cl,b-cl) Duke Ellington (p) Fred Guy (g) Oscar Pettiford (b) Sonny Greer (d). New York, December 5, 1946

sábado, enero 23, 2010

Invención 3

Invention 3

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Django Reinhardt
Blues (1947)
Swing (F) 266

Stéphane Grappelli (vln) Django Reinhardt (g) solo, Joseph Reinhardt, Jean Ferret (g) Emmanuel Soudieux (b). Paris, March 26, 1947

viernes, enero 22, 2010

Invención 2

Invention 2

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Bud Powell's Modernists
Wail (1949)
Blue Note 1567

Bud Powell's Modernists: Fats Navarro (tp) Sonny Rollins (ts) Bud Powell (p) Tommy Potter (b) Roy Haynes (d). New York, August 8, 1949

jueves, enero 21, 2010



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Hazel Scott
Two Part Invention in "A" Minor (1940)
(Johann Sebastian Bach)

Hazel Scott (p) J.C. Heard (d). New York, December 11, 1940.

miércoles, enero 20, 2010


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Música: (¡¡¡Fats Waller con cuerdas!!! /Fats Waller with strings!!!)
Gene Austin acc. by Leonard Joy Orchestra
I've got a feeling I'm falling (1929)
(Rose, Link, Waller)
Victor 22033

Gene Austin (vcl) acc. by Leonard Joy Orchestra: Mike Mosiello (tp) Andy Sannella (cl,as) Yascha Zayde, Lou Raderman, Murray Kellner (vln) Herb Borodkin (cello) Fats Waller (p) Carl Kress (g) Dick Cherwin (b) William Dorn or Joe Green (d). New York, June 26, 1929

martes, enero 19, 2010

Dos gatos

Two cats

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra
Two in one blues (1942)
Victor 20-1526

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra: Steve Lipkins, Max Kaminsky, Lee Castle (tp) Hot Lips Page (tp) Morey Samuel (tb) Ray Conniff (tb) Artie Shaw (cl) Les Robinson, Chuck DiMaggio (as) Mickey Folus, Georgie Auld (ts) Artie Baker (bar) Johnny Guarnieri (p) Mike Bryan (g) Ed McKimmey (b) Dave Tough (d)Raoul Poliakin, Leonard Posner, Irving Raymond, Bernard Tinterow, Alex Beller, Truman Boardman, Leo Pevsner, Bill Ehrenkranz (vln) Morris Kohn, Leonard Atkins, Max Berman, Sam Rosenblum (viola) Fred Goerner, George Poliakin, Eduardo Sodero (cello) Paul Jordan (arr). New York, January 21, 1942

lunes, enero 18, 2010



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Original St. Louis Crackerjacks
Crackerjack Stomp (1936)
(Chick Finney)
Decca 7236

Original St. Louis Crackerjacks: Elmer Ming, Levi Madison, George Smith (tp) Robert Scott (tb) Walter Martin, Freddy Martin (as) Ernest Franklin (ts) Chick Finney (p, ldr) William “Bede" Baskerville (g) Kermit Haynes (b) Nicholas Haywood (d). Chicago, October 16, 1936

domingo, enero 17, 2010



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Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra
Juba Dance (1934)
(R. Nathaniel Dett)
Brunswick 6763

Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra: Nat Natoli, Charlie Teagarden (tp), Jack Teagarden (tb, vcl), Frank Trumbauer (c-melody), Bennie Bonacio (cl, as), Charles Strickfaden (cl, as, bari), Jack Cordaro (cl, ts), Roy Bargy (p), Carl Kress (g), Artie Miller (b), Herb Quigley (d), Russ Case (arr). New York City, January 12, 1934

sábado, enero 16, 2010



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Charlie Patton
Jersey Bull Blues (1934)
Vocalion 02782

Charlie Patton (g,vcl). Recorded January 30, 1934.

viernes, enero 15, 2010

Mi Tología

My Thology

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra
Charlie Horse
V-Disc 380B2

jueves, enero 14, 2010

El bailarín y el toro

The dancer and the bull

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Frankie Laine
Gandy Dancer's Ball (1952)
(Paul Mason Howard-Paul Weston)
Columbia 39665

miércoles, enero 13, 2010

Filomedontes y el toro

Philomedontes and the bull

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Chick Bullock
I'm an old cow-hand (1936)
ARC 6-09-01

Chick Bullock (vcl) acc. by unknown tp, tb, prob. Paul Ricci (cl) unknown as, ts, p, g, b and d. New York, June 22, 1936

Y también ... / And also ...

Arthur Collins
The Argentines, the Portuguese and the Greeks (1920)
Gennett 9065

Arthur Collins (vcl) undisclosed rest of personnel. New York 1920.

Royal Cortissoz, art critic, 1923 (on this song). (click here to see source)
Arthur Collins' 1920 version of Arthur Swanstrom and Carey Morgan's "The Argentines, The Portuguese and the Greeks" is a novelty song, but it sums up the mood of the era, in which many "native" Americans believed the country was being flooded with too many people from the wrong side of Europe (and anywhere in Asia), culminating in the Immigration Act of 1924

martes, enero 12, 2010

Les Animaux

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Ethel Merman
It's the animal in me (1935)
Brunswick 7491

lunes, enero 11, 2010


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Piano, gato y hombres que señalan con el dedo. (Porque ando sin ganas de hacer un laburo que tengo que hacer, evado mis responsabilidades y envío un segundo dibujo).

Piano, cat and pointing men. (Because I am not in the mood for doing a commissioned job I have to do, I prevaricate and send you a second picture).

John B. Sebastian and Albert Malver
The maiden with flaxen hair (1948)
RCA Victor 20-2062
(Claude Debussy, arr. John B. Sebastian)

John B. Sebastian (harmonica) Albert Malver (piano). Recorded 1948

Tragedia entre los idiotas

Idiot's tragedy

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Washboard Sam
She fooled me (1940)
Bluebird B8450

Washboard Sam (vcl,wbd) Horace Malcolm (p) Big Bill Broonzy (g). Chicago, March 22, 1940

domingo, enero 10, 2010

Folclore en Marte

Folklore from Mars

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Blue Grass Footwarmers
Old folks shuffle (1926)
Harmony 206-H

Blue Grass Footwarmers: Ed Allen (cnt) Benny Moten (cl) Clarence Williams (p) Jasper Taylor (wbd). New York, June 21, 1926

sábado, enero 09, 2010

Tirando manteca al techo

Making whoopee

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Eddie Cantor feat. Orchestra Nat Shilkret
Makin' Whoopee (1929)
Victor 21831

viernes, enero 08, 2010

Las noticias

The news

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Bud Powell
Strictly confidential (1949)
Clef 11047

Bud Powell (p) Ray Brown (b) Max Roach (d). New York, January-February 1949

jueves, enero 07, 2010

El mecanismo de la industria

The wheels of industry

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Sy Oliver and his Orchestra
Wagon wheels (1950)
Decca 27094

Sy Oliver and his Orchestra: Taft Jordan, Red Solomon, Bernie Privin (tp) Mort Bullman, Henderson Chambers (tb) Hymie Schertzer, Artie Baker (as) Fred Williams, Jerry Jerome (ts) Ernie Caceres (bar) Billy Kyle (p) Everett Barksdale (g) Joe Benjamin (b) Jimmy Crawford (d) Sy Oliver (arr,dir). New York, June 5, 1950

miércoles, enero 06, 2010

Un cœur simple

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Un cœur simple (Felicité y el espiritu santo)
Un cœur simple (Felicité and the Holy Ghost)

Connie Boswell
I let a song go out of my heart (1938)
Decca 1896

Connie Boswell (vcl) acc. by Ben Pollack's Pick-a-Rib Boys: Clyde Hurley (tp) Joe Yukl (tb) Ben Kanter (cl) Happy Lawson (ts) Charlie LaVere (p) Bob Hemphill (g) Slim Taft (b) Ben Pollack (d). New York, June 15, 1938

martes, enero 05, 2010



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Martha Raye with Dave Rose Orchestra
I walk alone (1939)
Columbia 32560

lunes, enero 04, 2010



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Rice Brothers Gang
Riding down the Canyon (1941)
Decca 6004A

Rice Brothers Gang: Hoke Rice (el g,vcl) Paul Rice (g,vcl) Reggie Ward (b).

domingo, enero 03, 2010

Verano en Triestre

Summer in Trieste

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Verano en Trieste (dibujo desagradable)
Summer in Trieste (unpleasant drawing)

Inno a Trieste
Columbia E2574

sábado, enero 02, 2010

Red Sofa

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2010

Count Basie and his Rhythm
Oh Red (1939)
Decca 2780

Count Basie and his Rhythm: Count Basie (p) Freddy Green (g) Walter Page (b) Jo Jones (d). New York, January 26, 1939

viernes, enero 01, 2010


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Ray Noble's American Band
Let's swing it ("Earl Carroll Sketchbook") (1935)
Victor 25070

Ray Noble's American Band: Charlie Spivak, Pee Wee Erwin (tp) Glenn Miller, Will Bradley (tb) Toots Mondello (as) Johnny Mince (cl,as) Bud Freeman (cl,ts) Jimmy Cannon (cl,bar) Nick Pisani, Fritz Prospero, Dan d'Andrea (vln) Claude Thornhill (p) George Van Eps (g) Delmar Kaplan (b) Bill Harty (d) Four Freshmen [formerly The Freshmen] (vcl) . New York, June 8, 1935