jueves, octubre 01, 2009

Bebedor y conductor

Drinker and driver

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Chicago Black Swans
You drink too much (1937)
Conqueror 8780

Chicago Black Swans: Big Bill Broonzy (g,vcl) acc. by Alfred "Mr. Sheiks" Bell (tp) Arnett Nelson or Odell Rand (cl) Black Bob (p) unknown 2nd g-1 and perc. Chicago, January 26, 1937

4 comentarios:

pandave dijo...

Just this morning I was wondering, on my Facebook, if the bottle of vodka in my freezer was evaporating or if my fish was drinking it while I was at work.

I see now where it is going...
Thank you!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Vodka evaporates...Yes. It happened to me!

PAIO ●๋• dijo...

la mirada perdida del que toma es genial

pandave dijo...

Ah Oscar! Thank you for solving the mystery. I shall stop giving my poor fish evil looks ;-)