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Peerless Quartet
I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier (1914)
Columbia A-1697

Peerless Quartet: no recording details. Info on the vocal quartet click here. Info & lyrics on this remarkable anti-war song song click here.

10 comentarios:

pandave dijo...

so interesting that the opposite of solidier is mother.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Good point!

Adrián Ruano dijo...

Feliz dia del alunizaje amigo Oscar.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Lo mismo pa' uste, Don Adrian!

Matthew Cruickshank dijo...

The tank is terrific!!

What a world we live in, sitting in our little studios while the war rages on, slowly getting swine flu. And to think the only survivors will be in the Big Brother house.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

There is more sanity in an Ealing Pub than in our little studios, Matthew!

Matthew Cruickshank dijo...

I'm pacing back and forth right now, waiting for my 3p photocopies.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Go to the Polish delicatessen and buy a couple of very greasy Kabanoshi.Lech Walesa's favourite food.

Matthew Cruickshank dijo...

I'm still trying to get my head around your 100 odd sketchbooks-mindblowing!

Will they all go into a box like the scene at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark? To be re-opened thousands of years later by a race that can understand them?

Or will they be at the Oxfam Charity shop for £40 a pop with Emett ?!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Oxfam, most likely. At fourteen Quid each they'll make around thousand Quid or so. Enough money to send Matt Jones to Tuscany to draw towns and markets for his blog.