martes, junio 16, 2009

Haciendo gestos


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Bernie Leighton Quartet
I see your face before me (1946)
Keynote 645

Bernie Leighton Quartet: Bernie Leighton (p) Hy White (g) Trigger Alpert (b) Dave Tough (d). New York, August 9, 1946

5 comentarios:

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Bernie Leighton es el pianista que toca con Parker con cuerdas, Editor.

El editor dijo...

Yes Sir, that´s right.

Sad news: Charlie Mariano is no longer among us, he "checked out" this morning. He had spent the last weeks in the Mildred Scheel Hospiz, in Köln, Germany, where he was given the best possible care. He was 85.

dodo dijo...

The meaning of the most common gestures in a country used to be included in the travel guides, along with basic dialog phrases- to prevent cultural "accidents" ;-)

Pedro Coiro dijo...

Qué bueno este dibujo.

ed dijo...

qué dedos (ese pianista también)