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Billie Holiday with Sy Oliver and his Orchestra
Gimme a pigfoot and a bottle of beer (1949)
Decca 24947

Billie Holiday with Sy Oliver and his Orchestra: Billie Holiday (vcl) Lester "Shad" Collins, Buck Clayton, Bobby Williams (tp) George Stevenson, Henderson Chambers (tb) George Dorsey, Pete Clark (as) Budd Johnson, Freddie Williams (ts) Dave McRae (bar) Horace Henderson (p) Everett Barksdale (g) Joe Benjamin (b) Wallace Bishop (d) Sy Oliver (cond)
New York, September 8, 1949.

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dodo dijo...

He looks so pink and blue eyed and innocent- but all this red around him!

Schickelgruber: Schicksal, Gräber... ;-(

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Schicksalgraber was cuddly in private and VERY petit bourgeois. A real upstart. A bit embarrassing for the German aristos for his habit of farting in public. Imagine him in a long performance of the Ring Cycle sitting next to Elfride Wagner!

dodo dijo...

... and Leni dancing around whilst filming them ;-)

You look nice in your new avatar!

Silvio Daniel Kiko dijo...

Color, B y N, como me gustan tus laburos, imperdibles...

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Gracias, Daniel. Usté es un amigazo.