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Isla desierta

Desert island

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Muerte en una isla desierta / Death in a desert island

Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra
Sleepy lagoon (1942)
RCA PD89810

Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra: Ziggy Elman, Jimmy Blake, Mannie Klein, Chuck Peterson (tp) Tommy Dorsey (tb,arr) George Arus, Dave Jacobs, Jimmy Skiles (tb) Heinie Beau (cl,as,arr) Fred Stulce (as, arr) Mannie Gershman (as) Don Lodice, Bruce Snyder (ts) Milt Raskin (p) Clark Yocum (g) Phil Stevens (b) Buddy Rich (d). Joe Bushkin, Sy Oliver, Axel Stordahl, Bill Finegan (arr). Hollywood, Ca., March 9, 1942

2 comentarios:

Lee Marvin Newland dijo...

This Death on a desert island is a masterpiece. The yellow is holding together a wonderful composition full of fine details, left to right: the face and especially the hands of the man, his subltle shoulder crush of the the perfectly exposed breasts and the black dots of rouge on the blue haired lady. Any reputable artist would stop now and go to his grave.

Lee Marvin Newland

Oscar Grillo dijo...

You see more than there is there, Marvin Gardens!...Do you like Dorsey's music? Great, ain't it?