viernes, marzo 14, 2008

Sky & Nemo

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

Little Nemo encuentra a Sky Masterson
Little Nemo Meets Sky Masterson

-Quiero felicitar al Editor y a su familia por el nacimiento de Marco!!-
-From here I want to congratulate El Editor and his family for the birth of Baby Marco in Dublin yesterday!-

Woody Herman and his Orchestra
The Sky Fell Down (1940)

Woody Herman and his Orchestra: Steady Nelson (tp) Clarence Willard, Bob Price (tp) Neal Reid, Toby Tyler (tb) Joe Bishop (fhr) Woody Herman (cl,as,vcl) Herb Tompkins, Ray Hopfner (as) Saxie Mansfield, Nick Caiazza (ts) Tommy Linehan (p) Hy White (g) Walter Yoder (b) Frank Carlson (d) Bob Mersey, Zilmer Randolph (arr. New York, February 5, 1940

9 comentarios:

El editor dijo...

Muchas gracias Oscar ! es una sensación muy placentera transformarse en abuelo primerizo.
Además la buena nueva inmediatamente ya me ha transformado en un vintage alto saxophonist... que cosa !

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Like a good wine, Editor!!!

javoc dijo...

Buen dibujo y buenas nuevas (felicidades editor!) que mas queremos.

El editor dijo...

Gracias Javoc !

Roberto dijo...

¡Felicidades nono!

El editor dijo...

Gracias Roberto !

pandave dijo...

ah el editor! a little late but full of sentiment - CONGRATULATIONS!!! that is amazing. my aunt had a baby on 13 march as well. i am her family here so i get the honour and joy of many baby hours!

what wonderful news! again, congratulations to you and your family!

El editor dijo...

Thank you very much Pandave !!! I´m glad that we share a zodiacal sign and now on March 13 a new cousin -you- and a new grandson -the first one, me-. I hope to dribble live with that baby (first shots of Marco) in my arms very soon in Dublin.
Thanks again and congratulations for you!!! your new cousin is gorgeous !!!

pandave dijo...

wow! el editor. that is true. how cool is that? i just spent the last few days babysitting and i am soo tired and yet so very happy. and missing the baby. sniff.

your grandson is gorgeous! so full of character.