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Louis Jordan & His Tympani 5
At The Swing Cat's Ball (1939)
DECCA 7609

Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five: Courtney Williams (tp) Louis Jordan (cl,as,bar,vcl) Lem Johnson (ts) Clarence Johnson (p) Charlie Drayton (b) Walter Martin (d,tymp). New York, March 29, 1939

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pandave dijo...

welcome back oscar! how was spain? hi el editor! thanks for always keeping it going - even when some of us slide.

am soo excited! i got back to work and a new awesome book - each day a small victory. made me almost happy to be in the office.

ed dijo...

qué moderno!

El editor dijo...

Hi Pandave ! always nice to hear you.

pandave dijo...

hey el editor! it is november so all must be well with the world. it is a month for celebration, no? ;-)

El editor dijo...

Hi Pandave, everything running smoothly here, except the weeks that vanish too fast for my taste. Little party here on Sunday...;-) and I presume the same in Brooklyn on Tuesday, Wednesday, no?. Yes, November is beatiful.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

More beatific, I would say...Happy birthdays all round!