lunes, abril 02, 2007

Dibujo de hoy

Today's pic

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2007

Dibujo de hoy en foto del sábado pasado en Cambridge.
Today's picture of last Saturday in Cambridge.

Ted Daffan's Texans
No Letter Today (1942)
OKEH 6706

5 comentarios:

el-ed dijo...

viaje al futuro

Piotr dijo...

i think i walked down here on my london visit, but the streets all look similar!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

No. Piotr...This was in Cambridge, not London

Anónimo dijo...

this is a nice picture, i like it more than your new icon.

Matt J dijo...

Very Dickensian - except the Argentinian chap.