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Copyright Oscar Grillo 2006
Dialogue in the ward.
Diálogo en la guardia.

-Entonces putamente me caí y me rompí la puta pelvis en catorce partes.
-Ah... Si usted fuese tan "cool" como yo, eso no le hubiese pasado.

Música: / Music:
Charlie Parker
Cool Blues (1947)
DIAL 1015

4 comentarios:

Elliot dijo...

I look forward to more ward stories.
They are a peculiar place to be trapped.
I recall being in the emergency ward and feeling that I had gone from having a seemingly pleasant little life to abject chaos in a few short moments.

A. Riabovitchev dijo...

The doctor looks great!:O)

limbolo dijo...

About a year ago I had to be in and and out of a London Hospital ward - as a visitor, not a patient - and found the atmosphere very downhome, very funky.
Welcome back to the drawing board don Grillo....We've missed you.

Gustavo dijo...

Claro, porque la gente cool solamente se cae de cool-o.