jueves, junio 15, 2006



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Música: El Trío de Bill Evans

Spring is here

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UM dijo...

Thank god your thumb is better! You're back with a vengeance!

Miras dijo...

Mister Grillo,
I hope you're all right now. And actually I'm more then positive about it, looking at your blogs!
You are drawing machine! I mean it... I'm browsing your blogs for couple of months now, and I have to say; you draw faster, than I put my words together to write a comment!
So now, taking an advatage of your condition ( please, forgive me that!), I decided to say a word of my opinion (as if it matters!...).
Your works are incredible! Fullstop
Thank you.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Tha, U.M....My thumb is improving but my knee is a mess. I have to get physiotherapy.

Miras. One does what one can...I draw mostly watching TV anyway. I think your work is quite impressive anyway.

Gustavo dijo...

Tan rubia y ensimismada
y el otro como si nada:
El destino disfrazado de cascada.

manucha dijo...

Mr. Grillo, First I must say, I enjoy seeing your creativity weekly. The sensibility touches my heart to sometimes feel moved to have a need to verbally express myself to you.

Emotionally, the cascade brings me to feel the separation of loosing the joyful child side I’ve felt loving someone when the plunging path takes my disillusion over and away from him.

Lastly, to see your drawings on recovering from knee surgery is painfully humorist. I had an arthroscopy knee surgery over ten years ago. I wish I could have drawn one especially funny experience I had coming down the stairs on crutches. For I had fallen in slow motion, landing on the bottom of the floor face-up. I had the crutches take the first step, which caused me not to reach the following step as my body weight swag forward six steps high from the bottom floor. All I remembered was my mother’s huge head in my face asking if I was all right, as I laughed in reaction to the experience. I hope this gives some visual image of some sort to share with you.

Oh, I must say, for it’s my nature to share, please, please consider inquiring if muscle tissue (massage) therapy can be part of your rehabilitation at some point. It will help with scar tissue/adhesions and mobility. There are specific techniques that can assist the ligaments and tendons to recover even if it’s not vascular like the muscle tissue. And/or Lymphatic Drainage for the immflamation and flushing of the system. I wish for you balance, health and well being through your recovery so you can share dancing drawings again! :)

Anónimo dijo...

Gustavo, muy buena
su rima improvi-sada...

El Turco Quique

Gustavo dijo...

Gracias, Turco, pero fue solo una pav-ada.