viernes, marzo 24, 2006

El gran baile

The Grand Ball

Copyright Oscar Grillo 2006

"El Gran Baile fue un éxito. La Princesa se puso su mejor corona y el Marqués su mejor yarmulka".

This drawing is respectfully dedicated to Mr. Neil Ross.


Why Have You Forgotten Waikiki? (1930)
Ben Selvin & His Orch.

7 comentarios:

UM dijo...

I see you put me in this picture too! Or maybe you weren't aware of it. Like it a lot anyway.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Believe it or not I thought you would notice this homage!!

limbolo dijo...

Viva el Conjunto Boludalio!

UM dijo...

That's great, Oscar! I am afraid of fire but I do love to party.
When's the next lunch of the titans? And can I attend as an apprentice?

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Any time is fine by me...In an ideal world on Wednesdays...How about next Wednesday the 29th?..Could be in town or in Camden. You're are closer to the other rogues, please, contact them and tell me what you agreed...You can e-mail me directly...Lunch is better for me but any arrangement will do.

viruta dijo...

el que me gusta bien debute es frankestein bailando la jota

las castañuelas le quedan pipí cucú

Taranta dijo...

que bueno Oscar....vos sabes que entras a una milonga y ves algo parecido a esto...algunos monstruos por alla, algunas princesas que dieron el mal paso por aca... el gato que le da al fueye me hace acordar a Astor.