domingo, mayo 07, 2017

El día del dibujante

Draughstman's Day
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2017

Música: [*]
The Michael Nyman Band  (1982)
Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds
The garden is becoming a robe room
An eye for optical theory
Charisma CASCD1158

[*] from the Peter Greenaway´s film “The Draughtman’s Contract” (1982)

The Michael Nyman Band: Michael Nyman (comp, ldr, p, harpsichord) John Harle (ss,as,ts) Malcolm Bennett (cl,as) David Cunningham, Keith Thompson (ts) Andrew Findon (bar) J. Martin Rex (bass trb,euphonium) Steve Saunders (p, harpsichord) Alexander Balanescu, Elisabeth Perr (vln) Andrew Findon (b) Ian Mitchell (double b). Studio 80, London (UK), 1982

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