lunes, mayo 30, 2016

Il gatto nell tappeto volante

Cat in a magic carpet
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Hice este dibujo pasado mañana / I drew this picture the day after tomorrow

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra
Isfahan  (1966)
Victor LPM3782

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra: Cat Anderson, Cootie Williams, Herbie Jones, Mercer Ellington (tp) Lawrence Brown, Chuck Connors, Buster Cooper (tb) Jimmy Hamilton (ts) Russell Procope (as) Johnny Hodges (as) Paul Gonsalves (ts) Harry Carney (bar) Duke Ellington (p) John Lamb (b) Sam Woodyard (d). New York, December 19, 1966

domingo, mayo 29, 2016

La crucifixión rosada

The rosy crucifixion
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Música:  (video)
Michelle Nicolle Quartet
The blessing  (2014)
(comp. by Ornette Coleman-lyrics add. by Tamara Nicolle)

Michelle Nicolle Quartet: Michelle Nicolle (vcl) Geoff Hughes (g)  Tom Lee (b) Ronny Ferella (dr). Cross St, Melbourne, Australia November 16, 2014.

sábado, mayo 28, 2016

El firulete

The loop
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Música: (video)

Berliner Philharmoniker (woodwinds, brass & percussion sections)
Daniel Barenboim (cond)
El firulete  (1998)
[Mariano Mores (comp) José Carli (arr. for the woodwinds, brass & percussion.)]

"Lateinamerikanische Nacht" Berliner Waldbühne, Berlin, June 21, 1998.

viernes, mayo 27, 2016

Le Roi Du Saucisson

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Reyre Samson
Comm´ le saucisson

Datos de la grabación (ver aquí)

jueves, mayo 26, 2016

Andando en bicicleta frente a la muerte

Riding a bycicle in front of death
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Dave Brubeck
Bicycle built for two  (1988)
Music Masters 01612-65067

Bobby Militello (fl) Dave Brubeck (p) Chris Brubeck (el-b) Danny Brubeck (d). September 20-21, 1988

miércoles, mayo 25, 2016

El tiempo no es plata

Time ain't money
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Joe Morello (drum solo)
Take five  (1961)

martes, mayo 24, 2016


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

George Shearing & Don Thompson
Subconcious-Lee (1983)
JazzKnight Records

George Shearing (p) Don Thompson (b). In January 1983, George Shearing and Canadian bassist Don Thompson began a six week engagement at Michael's Pub on East 55th St. in New York. Thompson and Shearing had been working as a duo since June '82 and had developed a strong and trusting musical bond. During this period in early '83, Shearing and Thompson often rehearsed at Shearing's New York apartment, to try things out. The so-called practice sessions were so lyrically deep that Thompson suggested they record themselves. Shearing agreed, and off they went to a music store to rent four mikes and some pre-amps and to buy four reels of tape. With the gear set up by the apartment's fireplace, Shearing sat at his grand piano and Thompson played his bass. Over the next several days, between pots of tea, they recorded. When the blank tapes ran out, Shearing sent the results off to a record producer. The producer said to add reverb and then send them back for another listen. Shearing grew busy and decided to pass on the extra work. Fortunately they were found by Ellie Shearing, the pianist's widow, and together with Thompson, they co-produced George Shearing at Home (ProperNote). The 14 tracks [released in April 2013 **] feature a wide range of material—from Johnny Mandel's A Time for Love and I Cover the Waterfront to Charlie Parker's Confirmation and Lee Konitz's Subconcious-Lee. [excerpt from Jazz Wax blog by Mark Myers]

** Agregado por El editor

Bonus track:
Live piano trio version
Lee Konitz's "Subconscious Lee"

Enrico Pieranunzi (p) Marc Johnson (b) Paul Motian (d). Village Vanguard, NYC July 7 or 8, 2010

lunes, mayo 23, 2016

La muerte y la doncella

Death and the Maiden
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Música:  (video)
Miles Davis Octet
Burn  (1986)

Miles Davis Octet: Miles Davis (trp) Bob Berg (ts) Robben Ford (g) Robert Irving IIII, Adam Holzman (keybs) Felton Crews (b) Steve Thornton (perc) Vince Wilburn Jr (drums); special guest Carlos Santana (g). Amnesty International, Giants Stadium, New Jersey, June 15, 1986

domingo, mayo 22, 2016

Ringo Cavailli y su caballo atómico

Ringo Cavalli and his atomic horse
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five
Ain't nobody here but us chickens  (1946)
Decca 23741

Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five: Aaron Izenhall (tp) Louis Jordan (as,vcl) Josh Jackson (ts) Wild Bill Davis (p,arr) Carl Hogan (el-g) Jesse "Po" Simpkins (b) Eddie Byrd (d). New York, June 26, 1946

sábado, mayo 21, 2016

Un par de jeans sin jinete

Riderless pair of jeans
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Burl Ives
(Ghost) Riders in the sky: A cowboy legend  (1949)
Columbia Records 38445

Burl Ives (vcl,g). ??? USA February 17, 1949.

viernes, mayo 20, 2016


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Leo Marini
(con la Orquesta de Víctor Slister)

jueves, mayo 19, 2016

San Jerónimo

St Jerome
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

San Jerónimo. Santo patrono de los traductores, bibliotecarios y enciclopedistas

Astor Piazzolla
En las sombras  (1967)
Polydor 27145 LP

Astor Piazzolla (bandoneón solo). Buenos Aires, 1967.

miércoles, mayo 18, 2016

Paolo Veronese pinta “El martirio de Santa Justina”

Paolo Veronese paints “The martyrdom of Saint Justina”
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Edmundo Rivero
Martirio  (1959)
Philips P08269 L

Edmundo Rivero (vcl) con la Orquesta de Héctor Stamponi. Buenos Aires, 1959

martes, mayo 17, 2016


© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci inventó el tango en 1516, en la residencia papal de Belvedere. Apenado por el joven muchacho que lo había abandonado, Leonardo siempre se refería a esa noche como "La mia notte triste" (Mi noche triste).

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci invented tango in 1516 at Belvedere, the papal residence. Grieving for the young boy who had abandoned him, Leonardo always referred to that night as "La mia notte triste" (My sad night).

Carlos Gardel
Mi noche triste  (1917)
Odeon 18010

Carlos Gardel (vcl) José Ricardo (g). Buenos Aires, 9 de Abril de 1917.

lunes, mayo 16, 2016

Leonardo and the King (Oliver)

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2016

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
Snake rag  (1923)
Okeh 4933

King Oliver's Jazz Band : King Oliver (cnt) Louis Armstrong (cnt) Honore Dutrey (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Lil Hardin (p) Bud Scott (bj,vcl break) Baby Dodds (d). Chicago, June 2, 1923

sábado, mayo 14, 2016


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Ensemble Micrologus
Alle stamegne, donne!