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Dave Lambert Singers
Old folks  (1964)

Dave Lambert Singers: David Lucas, Leslie Dorsey, Sarah Boatner, Mary Vonnie and Dave Lambert. Moe Wechsler (p) George Duvivier (b) Gary Chester (d). New York, Summer 1964.

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Lee Marvin Newland dijo...

Dear Oscar,

Layers of wonderful drawing. Did George Duvivier play bass on the Charlie Parker version of OLD FOLKS?

Lee Marvin Newland

El editor dijo...

Dear Lee Marvin Newland:
The bass player was Charles Mingus.
The complete data of the recording of "Old folks" by Charlie Paker is:
Charlie Parker and his Orchestra : Junior Collins (fhr) Al Block (fl) Hal McKusick (cl) Tommy Mace (oboe) Manny Thaler (bassoon) Charlie Parker (as) Tony Aless (p)Charles Mingus (b) Max Roach (d) Dave Lambert Singers (vcl group) incl. Annie Ross (vcl) Gil Evans (arr,dir). New York, May 25, 1953

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Well said, Editor, these Canadians need to learn a thing or two....They mistreated Bird horrible when he went to play in Massey Hall, Mr Newland@s father whistled everytime Bud Powell took a solo and when Charlie Parker played "Salt Peanuts" made a lot of funny noises, listen to the recording...It was very warm evening and they didnt offer him any warm beer nor a barbacued moose sandwich or cocaine......

Lee Marvin Newland dijo...

Dear Jazzbos,

Parker arrived in Toronto without his horn. He found a white, plastic alto sax in a music store near Massey Hall, named after the brother of Raymond Massey, who plays an American in STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. When not playing the plastic sax Parker was back stage watching a prize fight on a wood fire driven Canadian television set.

Lee Marvin Newland

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Si, señor!.....At least is what Ross Russell like us to believe...Do you reckon that Daniel Halperin attended the concert?....What was Norman Mc Laren animating then?....Are you a robot?

Alberto Pez dijo...