miércoles, julio 16, 2014

Dibujante dibujando su propio pié

Artist drawing his own foot
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2014

Charlie Parker All Stars
Big foot [Drifting on a reed]  (1948)
Savoy MG12186 

Charlie Parker All Stars: Miles Davis (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Al Haig (p) Tommy Potter (b) Max  Roach (d) Symphony  Sid (mc). Broadcast, "Royal Roost", New York, December 11, 1948

2 comentarios:

dodo dijo...

Is it because of the World Cup? all these feet around that ball on TV could be an inspiration ;-)

Oscar Grillo dijo...

I was thinking about Tarsus and Metatarsus, Dodo, those heroes of the Peloponesian war