viernes, enero 10, 2014

Escena doméstica

Domestic scene
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Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Wilhelm Furtwängler, conductor
Symphonia Domestica op 53  (1944)
composed by Richard Strauss in 1903

1. Movement "Thema I, Bewegt Thema II, Sehr lebhaft Thema III, Ruhig"
2. Movement "Scherzo, Munter"
3. Movement "Wiegenlied, Mässig langsam"

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Wilhelm Furtwängler, conductor. Recorded in Berlin during the war, Staatsoper, Unter den Linden. January 12,1944

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dodo dijo...

Thanks for this! I had an amazing time looking at all the details- with big smile on face, of course :-)