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¿Aurieri? ¡Diez! - All Ready? Yes!
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Freeman "Brother Bones" Davis and his Shadows
Sweet Georgia Brown  [*]  (1948)
Tempo TR652

[*] The tune was adopted in 1952 by the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team as their official theme song. 

Freeman "Brother Bones" Davis and his Shadows: Freeman "Brother Bones" Davis (bones and whistling) acc. by Joe Darensbourg (prob. ts) unknown tp, p, g and d. Recorded  1948

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El editor dijo...

¿Aurieri? ¡Diez!

Oscar Grillo dijo...


El Turco Quique dijo...

En el aurieri diez, a mí me elegían para que me fuera a tomar la leche a mi casa.