martes, mayo 28, 2013

La conversión de San Golfrando (La nausea sagrada)

Saint Golfrandus' conversion (The holy nausea)
© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2013

Lennie Tristano Sextet
Intuition  (1949)
Capitol 1224

Lennie Tristano Sextet: Lee Konitz (as) Warne Marsh (ts) Lennie Tristano (p) Billy Bauer (g) Arnold Fishkin (b) Denzil Best (d) out in this tune. New York, May 16, 1949

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Oscar Grillo dijo...

You, and me perhaps.......

El editor dijo...

Thanks for the visit Matthew and Oscar, but you are not the only visitors. Few are remaining but mostly good ones and I keep getting the same enthusiasm as the first day in February 2005, publishing Oscar's drawings.

I'm not a fan of Facebook. I always prefer a good blog. Maybe someday reality hit me a right cross and my body falls to the canvas.

But not at the moment.

(and sorry for the english)

Lee Marvin Newland dijo...

Dear Oskar,

Pardon my English. I still visit this blog which is bookmarked on my electric computer machine.

Lee Marvin Newland

dodo dijo...

Hello! I 'm here too :-)

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Nice to hear from you, Lee and Dodo!...Dodo I have to inform you that Mr. Newland is getting married one of these days....Cheers!

Lee Marvin Newland dijo...

Ola Dodo,

I shall be buried before I am married. Pardon my English.

Lee Marvin Newland

dodo dijo...

Marry and be merry, Lee! ;-)