domingo, febrero 12, 2012

Jinete de nubes

Cloud's rider

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2012

Peggy Lee
Riders in the sky (1949)
Capitol 57-608

Peggy Lee (vcl) acc by unknown band incl. Dave Barbour (g). Los Angeles, April 18, 1949

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malfatti dijo...

Muy bueno Oscar!.Pasate por el blog colgue algunos tanguitos mas!


Roberto Severino dijo...

Hola Oscar! Been a long while since I had time to check out your blog. Stupid last year of high school took up so much of my time and wasted a lot of my energy, so I couldn't comment as much as I wanted to, but now that I'm back on track and right on the road to getting into a great college, I can finally leave some comments again.

Espero que todo está bien! :)